Hello, this is a blog by someone obsessed with the anime and manga series Hidamari Sketch, created by Ume Aoki.

It’s quite unfortunate that there isn’t a centralized online community to discuss it, at least for overseas fans. I’ve been reading threads and pages scattered across the internet. I notice things people get wrong, forget, misinterpret, or just plain make up. On the other hand, at least one tidbit concerning the concept designs of one character has been dismissed as an unverified rumor, when it’s entirely true! So much information gets fragmented and distorted due to a disconnected fanbase and a severe lack of interested translators. There are several interviews that describe the inspiration for the series and experiences of the author that have gone completely untouched. The manga still has years left in its run, yet there have been no consistent translations for a year now.

Words cannot describe my dedication to Hidamari. When new chapters come out on the 28th of each month, you bet I’m already on google.jp searching for summaries and low-quality camera phone photos. And then it’s time to scour Japanese P2P networks for the full scans. This series is my main motivation for learning Japanese, and I have come far because of it.

What I hope to accomplish here is to inform others of common misconceptions among overseas Hidamari viewers. I hope that if you’re a fan of the series that you’ll learn something new. If you don’t like the series then there’s nothing I can do about that, and you are free to laugh at how crazy I look.

Also note, I’m extremely biased toward the manga. Not that I don’t enjoy the anime’s additional scenes, but I prefer to see how Ume herself presents her own story. I will always accept the events of the manga over those of the anime. You might also notice my significant bias for the members of the third-year class. I may cover their stories in more detail than usual, but it’s not like I don’t enjoy the other characters as well.

I had most of the articles here drafted on another blog, where I didn’t expect it to receive any hits (and it didn’t). It appears that WordPress is a far more suitable platform for this purpose, and I’ll be able to expand my articles appropriately.