My quick and sloppy representation.

What would the characters be without their families? Let’s go over their known relatives and the part of the country they’re from.


We’re already quite familiar with Yuno’s family (and Nyanta). They live in Yamanashi. Yuno is an only child.


We don’t know much about Miyako’s parents, other than the fact they live in Fukuoka  and their financial situation isn’t exactly the best right now. Miyako has at least two older brothers, one of which is a gardener and one wore blue striped boxers [V3P042]. The majority of her wardrobe consists of hand-me-downs from the youngest. She also inherited a winter coat from the oldest one [2012-05], but it doesn’t fit her too well…


Hiro’s family lives in Yamagata. She highly resembles her mother, although we never get to see her for ourselves [2013-06]. She has a grandmother. It is unknown if she has any siblings.

S1E02 adapted this scene, although she was not pictured.


Sae’s most notable family member is her sister Chika, who is two years younger than her. Her parents are shown in silhouette in the manga [2012-06]. Like Hiro, she highly resembles her mother [2013-06] but this silhouette is all we’ve see of her. She has not yet revealed her home prefecture, since she doesn’t answer when the Landlady asks for souvenirs. This Japanese fan page analyzes cultural references in the series and concludes they match up best with either Gifu or Saitama.

The most inexplicable artistic choice in the entire manga?


Nori’s hometown is somewhere in the Kansai region. She hasn’t talked about her parents yet, but her computer was built by her uncle (who is not Bill Gates). We don’t know if she has any siblings.


Nazuna’s hometown is Midori (Yamabuki High is her local school), but her parents moved to Aichi Prefecture when her father’s job was transferred. They’ve been picking up the local dialect quite well. She is an only child.


It takes her 10 minutes by bike to arrive at the station then 42 minutes by train to get to Yamabuki High School every morning. I’m unaware of the most popular guesses for her location.

Natsume’s family is a very interesting case, as I believe it’s strongly implied she lives with only her mother. The fact that she’s working prevents her from attending Natsume’s opening ceremony, and Natsume immediately realizes she’s being left alone. If she also lives with her father, why is his absence at the ceremony unexplained? How come neither of them say anything like “Well, Dad can’t come either…”? It’s easy to infer that there’s only one parent figure here.

That tiny kitchen table with only two chairs, too!


Mami is quite excitable about her dog, Pome. She has an older sister. Hairclips must be a heritable trait.


Yoshinoya still lives with her parents. She has a brother 3 years younger than her who is married with a son, Kento.

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