One detail that I love about the series is how the characters have other friends who are always kept consistent, even though in most cases we never learn their names.

All of Yuno’s friends are named, including her childhood friends (Mayu, Manamin, and Miyuki) she runs into in S3SP02. The only other named members of class 2-A are Mami and Nakayama. Mami’s name gets lost in translation occasionally because it’s written as 真実, which is most commonly read as shinjitsu, meaning “truth”. A fansub of S3EP10 mistakenly heard her name as Nami.

Both Mami and Nakayama were playing in the snow with Yuno and Miyako in the manga chapter that was adapted as the anime’s first episode. The anime probably cut them out because their presence might mislead the viewer into thinking they’re main characters.

One of the lesser-recognized characters is Kiyomi, who sat next to Yuno during her entrance exam. She is named only in the anime. In the manga, Yuno receives the bicycle “from a classmate”, but in the anime it’s specified to be from Kiyomi.

The anime inserted Kiyomi (left) into this scene from S2EP04b.

Sae and Hiro have three friends in common that we first see in their second-year home economics class. The girl with long reddish hair is the only one with a confirmed name: Nakatani [2013-06]. In 2013-02 Sae mentions receiving a text from a girl named Aya, although it remains a mystery exactly who this refers to.

On V6P078, we first learn that Nazuna has been making friends in class 1-D, but we don’t meet them until 2011-11.

Nori is seen Skyping with a friend named Mihoko. In S3EP04a and S3EP08a we see her classmates at lunch.

Natsume is frequently seen with the same three members of her own class in both the manga and anime. One of them has light-colored hair in the manga but the anime decided to color it black. It accidentally reverts to its manga color for a short scene in S3EP03a.

This is one of two times all three are on-screen at once, normally it’s “pick two”. This screenshot is actually a Blu-ray fix, as the TV broadcast had random girls in their place.

The mistake, not fixed in Blu-ray.

In other news, it looks like the Japanese blog that had Blu-ray comparisons is down…! I hope it’s only temporary, there were a lot of articles worth linking to in there.