Hidamari Sketch is unique in that all but two characters either have a first name or last name, but never both, or sometimes no name at all. The rule so far is that everyone is called by their first name, except:

  • any teacher – Yoshinoya, Kuwahara, Mashiko, Ikezawa, Minaguchi* or Minakuchi. She’s the home economics teacher whose name is only seen written, so the proper reading is currently unknown.
  • Natsume
  • Nakayama
  • Arisawa (“Arisa” is her nickname, not her first name!)
  • Nakatani (A friend of Sae and Hiro’s)
  • Naoi (Sae’s editor, only named in the anime)
  • Toudou

Hopefully you remember the only two characters with both a known first and last name? Sae’s pen name Aya Tachibana doesn’t count.

Maiko Kishi. Also, Kento Yoshinoya assuming no name-changing shenanigans went on.

In the manga, we get a glimpse of Minaguchi’s first name. The first kanji is pronounced “Na”, so her name could be Nana, Nao, Nami, etc. In the anime version of this scene [S3EP11], “sensei” is appended to every name since the anime doesn’t have the luxury of having word balloons obscure things. Although the reader does not know Yoshinoya’s first name, the tenants certainly do since they were able to Google her.

There’s also the matter of Yoshinoya’s 2-A class seating chart [S3EP03], which presumably lists everyone by last name. Good luck trying to read it, though! Yuno always sits on the leftmost seat of the first row with Miyako right behind her, but the boy/girl pattern shown here is never kept consistent.

Then, as I wrote about earlier, the Principal and the Landlady are only identified by their relationships to the tenants rather than a name of their own.