In wake of the season 4 announcement, the Hidamari anime was given a 12:30AM timeslot (technically Sunday morning but it’s regarded as Saturday night on TV schedules) for re-runs on the Japanese stations Tokyo MX, Tochigi TV, and Gunma TV for Winter 2012. A poll was posted that let fans pick the best 12 episodes out of season 1 and 2 and their respective specials. You were only allowed to make one selection out of all 30 options, so you couldn’t pick a favorite episode from both seasons. There was also a field to leave a comment.

Here are the winners listed in order of their re-airing. I’m not sure if they aired by popularity votes or any particular order.

Week 1, January 7
S1EP10 – “November 3: Yuno-sama”

Week 2, January 14
S2EP01 – “April 5: Nice to Meet You, Ume-tentei!”

Week 3, January 21
S2EX – “February 24: Polaroidon” / “February 25: I Won’t Forget”

Week 4, January 28
S1EP05 – “February 13: Heart and Body”

Week 5, February 4
S1EP02 – “August 21: Japan’s Summer”

(Nothing aired on February 11)

Week 6, February 18
S2EP12 – “July 7: Don’t Look”

Week 7, February 25
S1EP01 – “January 11: Winter Collage”

Week 8, March 3
S2EP04 – “March 16~23: Mild Tuna Flavor” / “October 31: Gagagaga”

Week 9, March 10
S1EP06 – “July 14: Cool and Comfy”

Week 10, March 17
S1SP02 – “November 14: Is Love in the Air?”

Week 11, March 24
S2EP05 – “March 25: Congratulations, Chika”

Week 12, March 31
S2EP07 – “April 7: The Entrance Ceremony and Welcome Party”

I personally voted for S2EP11 but that didn’t even place… though I’m glad to see S1SP02 and S2EP12 did. Also, I hope S1EP10 isn’t there just because of the Mt. Fuji Incident (to be covered in a later post).