Oh, wondering what that delay was? How about some translations?

Download 2011-09 (Dropbox) – Nori has a nightmare and spends the night talking with Sae.


I talked about the original “witching hour” joke here, but to save you a click:

Sae says 丑三つ時 (うしみつどき) // ushimitsudoki, an old-fashioned way to say “dead of night” or “midnight” as opposed to the much more common equivalent 真夜中 // mayonaka.

It works well in English too, so I didn’t feel that a translation note was necessary on the page itself.

Download 2012-01 (Dropbox) – Yuno receives a sudden invitation from…! (Please don’t drop it after the second panel. It’s not what you think.)


– “Portfolio bag” was literally “panel bag“, bags sold in certain sizes (A1, B2, etc.) for carrying canvases. After much searching I couldn’t determine what the exact term for these are in English. Portfolio bags serve essentially the same purpose and look the same, so I went with that.

– Variations of the same word for connecting/bonding are used a total of six times on page 5 alone. With English having a lesser tolerance for repeated words, this was quite difficult to rephrase. Let’s just say Arisawa really, really likes talking with Yuno.

Next I plan to translate 2011-11, the field day chapter. I have portions (1-2 strips each) of 2011-07 (Nazuna cooking for her parents) and 2012-04 (the Landlady playing a board game with everyone), and 2012-05 (snow and studying) already translated and edited.

Thanks for your support!