My artwork progression chart isn’t the best for tracking down the minor characters accurately, so I’ll be making a few posts locating them in the series. “Appearance” defined as being present in some form during one chapter or episode segment, not by scene.

First up is Natsume of art class B.

Manga appearances to date: 12

Anime appearances to date: 32 (as of Honeycomb episode 12)

(Chart is slightly outdated at the moment)

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– Only 8 of her anime appearances so far are from the manga.

– For her first two scenes in the anime, her hair is different. The animators gave her a second braid, probably because they couldn’t tell what the back of her head was supposed to look like.

– Sending the fan letter to Sae was an anime-only event.

– Although we know she took an art history class, we still haven’t seen any of her artistic work.

– She appears in every x365 episode except 4, 5, and 11! She has only one instance of back-to-back manga chapter appearances.

And here’s the list. The idea to make a chart didn’t occur to me until after I finished this, so the anime section of this will get quite redundant considering what you see up there. At least it saved me from having to upload so many individual pictures.

Within manga continuity:

V2P070/S1EP07: First appearance, representing the White Team on field day.

Same chapter, V2P075/S2EP08: Races Sae in the baton pass.

V3P092/S2EP12: Takes a bite out of Sae’s sandwich.

V4P065/S3EP03a: Laments the fact that A and B classes never mix.

V4P103/S3SP01b: The story of how she met Sae.

V5P044/S4EP01a: Watches Sae buy a checkered scarf.

V5P050/S4EP01b:  Too nervous to go over to Sae and Hiro in the Hokkaido hot spring.

Same chapter, V5P053/S4EP02: Some continuity, part 1. Sae casually suggests Natsume is welcome to visit the apartments. Sae… you can’t just say something like that and think she’ll forget about it!

2010-11: Continuity, part 2. Natsume is in a classroom with Sae and Hiro’s friends when Sae invites everyone to a study session at Hidamari… except her.

2011-04/S4EP04: Continuity, part 3. At the swimming competition, Natsume calls out Sae for not following up on her invitation from before. She also shares an awkward bonding moment with Hiro.

2011-11: Grabs Sae for the “friend” card of the second field day’s scavenger race. Though without her glasses on, Sae has no idea who it is.

2012-07/S4EP11b: Continuity, part 4. Sae recalls that Natsume wanted to come visit, so she invites her to the Christmas party at Hidamari.

2013-03: Drops in at Hidamari, announces she’s planning to attend Ama Art University (same as Hiro).

2013-06: Graduates, meets Sae in the bathroom.

Anime-exclusive appearances:

S1SP02: Teases Sae about the love letter situation.

S2EP01: Proctors Yuno’s entrance exam.

S2EP02: Sees Sae and the others coming down from the roof.

S2EP03: Sae sees her walking in front of Hidamari Apartments, Natsume claims she just came from her club activities (we don’t know what they are).

S2EP06a: Finds Sae at the cafe waiting for her editor.

S2EP06b: Hiro witnesses her buying an issue of Kirara Monthly.

S2EP07: Sae recalls the events of their first meeting at the shoe lockers. This episode aired before the chapter was released.

S2EP09a: Delivers Yoshinoya’s greeting cards to the Hidamari tenants’ mailboxes.

S2EP10: Encounters Sae while taking out the trash, then the Principal tells them about true friendship.

S2EP13: Goes to the New Year’s shrine and wishes for world peace and the development of mankind the courage to express her feelings.

S2EPEX: Suggests snacks to Yuno and Miyako at Berry Mart.

S2SP01: Sae offers her a bike ride to return an examinee’s sock.

S2SP02: Sae lends her an umbrella.

S3EP03b: Tries to resist reading Kirara Montly on the train home.

S3EP04a: Walks Sae home.

S3EP06a: Overhears Sae and the others talking about Yoshinoya’s phone novel addiction.

S3EP09a: Finds a tired Sae at lunchtime during their first year.

S3SP01a: Dines at MogMog with her friends.

S3SP02b: Invited by Hiro to attend the Hidamari barbecue, gets Sae’s phone number.

SPEP01a: Shown in an eyecatch, remotely sensing Sae and Hiro becoming closer.

SPEP01b: Shown in an eyecatch in pajamas.

S4EP08b: Shown with her berry crepe class attraction in an eyecatch.

S4EP12: Meets Sae and the others at the shrine at New Year’s.