Download 2011-11 (Dropbox) – Yuno’s second Yamabuki Sports Festival.


Here’s a video of what Miyako was imitating, Dezomeshiki:

Chapter closing note:  “Penalty game” was literally batsu game, a segment featured on Japanese game shows where if one participant fails a task, other participants get to enjoy watching them make a spectacle of themselves in an unusual predicament. Batsu means “punishment” but is also the name for the × symbol used to mark incorrect answers. Of course, this is Yuno we’re talking about, so the connection is obvious.

2012-07 raws have not yet surfaced, but I will begin work on them immediately whenever they do. I’ll also have my hands on a physical copy soon. After that, 2011-07 is next since I already have a page done (though that recipe page looks tedious).