No need for a raw summary this month (unless you were peeking at changes to the relevant posts). You can just have the whole chapter scanlated.

Download 2012-07 (Dropbox) – Natsume’s first visit to Hidamari Apartments.

I suppose this is a speed release, but it should be pretty readable? I wanted to get this out quickly since it’s an important chapter.


Page 1: “You once said you wanted to visit Hidamari Apartments, right?” – this was all the way back in the July 2009 chapter, three years ago!

Page 2: Obviously, a message sent from Yuno’s phone.

Page 3: Things would get rather disastrous if that phrase were the same in Japanese, huh?

Page 4: Regarding the title of the strip, winning/losing a gamble is the same as hit/miss in Japanese. Hit doesn’t make much sense in English like that so I translated it to jackpot, which doesn’t really have an opposite. I used “failure” for this purpose, though there’s probably a better alternative. Naturally, the person who’s losing here is Hiro…

Also, the name of the cat pillow is 寝コろんぐ, which is “long cat” but with neko stylistically rendered with the kanji for “sleep” that has ne as one of its readings. On a side note, when I was reading blog summaries, they all failed to mention that the dakimakura was in the shape of a cat… I was definitely getting the wrong idea before I saw it for myself.

Page 5: Grow-Your-Own Christmas Tree Set: Something like this. Nazuna won the wristwatch in a department store lottery.

Page 6: “Us at Dawn” = 夜明けの僕ら. Sae says “last year” so it’s not the prize-winning story she mentioned to Natsume during their first meeting.