And so I begin filling the gap with a year-old chapter.

Download 2011-07 (Dropbox) – Nazuna attempts cooking.

This chapter was rather difficult to translate since I don’t normally read cookbooks of any kind. I think it came together all right, though. Amusingly, after having translated recent chapters already, I put translation notes for a few of the ingredients mentioned in this chapter as well, so you might recognize a few by now.


Page 1: The fried chicken throughout this chapter is karaage. Looks tasty!

Page 2: “Master” and “Gorgeous” were both written in katakana. Side dish of boiled greens = ohitashi.

Page 3: I believe the joke is that Nori thinks Nazuna is attributing rather ubiquitous Japanese dishes and ingredients to the Kansai region. Bonito, or skipjack tuna, is dried, smoked, and shaved to make bonito flakes.

Page 4: “Such dedication” was my best approximation of そういうところはマメ, which is then used as the title for the strip on page 7. I was initially confused because I see マメ meaning “beans” more often. The katakana is probably for emphasis on the dedication part.

Page 5: Sea bream head in dashi. A bit fancy…

Page 7: Yuno’s texts are hard to read in small print and both are cut off. The one from her mom looks like ニャン太の寝. My best guess for the unseen final character is 姿 to make the whole thing “Nyanta’s Sleeping Positions”, which is probably something Yuno would want to be updated on.  The last visible character of Nori’s is unreadable, but I think the whole thing is likely デジカメの使い方, “How to use a digital camera.” Remember how Yuno bought one when they all went to Destiny Land?

Page 8: Rice soup = zousui. Sounds like her dad has his mouth full. Also, I have no idea what’s with that deadly serious closing note but that’s essentially what it says.