The gap gets ever closer to closing! Remember to check the Mediafire/Dropbox for all the chapters released so far up until 2012-02. I’ve changed the fonts of the chapters I did out of order for consistency, so by the time the batch is out there won’t be a sudden decline in quality while reading.

And without further ado…

Download 2012-02 (Dropbox) – Yuno’s class prepares for the Yamabuki Festival.


Page 2: The tallies are: maid tea house (7), play (4), haunted house (14), handbells (6). Costume parade tallies are off-screen, but I can’t imagine they’d be that impressive.

Page 3: “Manuscript paper” refers to traditional Japanese grid paper with a square for each character. For comparison, Yuno’s writing on page 6 is just a little over 100 characters in Japanese. Also, culture reference punchlines are really a bother to work with.

Page 4: Before reading this, I had no idea canned oxygen was marketed just like energy drinks. At least Nazuna’s class is trying their best to prevent anyone from passing out.

As for the second strip… I don’t know if I can be forgiven for that attempt at a pun.

Page 5: “Breakfall” in the title of the strip refers to ukemi, safe falling techniques in martial arts.

The story will be continued in 2012-03!