This was a free commemorative booklet handed out after the first season was announced in 2006. I’m not exactly sure where you could get it, but it wasn’t too uncommon and it still pops up on Yahoo Auctions occasionally for a few hundred yen. It contains the manga’s second serialized chapter, sneak peaks at the anime’s character designs by Yoshiaki Ito, and a short comic by Ume. I found these raws on Perfect Dark a while back and I haven’t seen anyone talk about it before, so why not?

The contents of page 2 were essentially the same character bios/story summary from the volumes, and pages 3-10 were the chapter, so I left all of those out. The raws are uploaded on Mediafire if you want them, though.

Download Hidamari Mini Sketch (Dropbox)

I used Wild Words this time and now it doesn’t even feel like my own release… weird. Just wanted to try something different, since Ume’s comic and end note were entirely handwritten.