Download 2012-03 (Dropbox) – The conclusion of the Yamabuki Festival.

EDIT: Just noticed that when making the zip the first time, I accidentally included a non-final version of the last page with incomplete editing. It’s fixed now. Like I said, my meticulousness is rather unrivaled…


A pretty straightforward chapter. I thought the foods mentioned were pretty common in anime, so no notes this time.

Page 1: The bottom row of small text on the Yamabuki banner says “Culture Festival”, but the first line is illegible to me aside from 私. Presumably “Private High School” but it’s just too obscured to tell.

Page 3 and 5: Too bad Share raws have such low resolution. A tiny bit of text on the papers taped to their backs was illegible, but the main parts are all there.

Page 6: Miyako’s note is drawn at a really unusual angle. I had trouble placing the text so that the edges lined up without distortion. I ended up using my own handwriting, hopefully no one minds.

Sorry about all the V2s lately, this should be the last one for a while because they annoy me too. But this one is well-deserved, because unlike the others, I’ve corrected some translation errors.  Most notably, I was reading so fast I completely missed that Sae says the party is on Christmas Eve. I think I’ve also managed to figure out Natsume’s line that gave me trouble. Although getting an entire chapter done within 10 hours was an impressive feat for me, now I don’t think it was the best of ideas.

By the way, someone was right about the colors being off on the Share raws. Natsume’s hair and skin are lighter with less of a yellow tint in the actual magazine, and Sae’s hair is not as dark.

Download 2012-07 v2 (Dropbox)… or just wait for the batch in about 3 weeks. Speaking of the batch, for everyone’s convenience I am thinking of including 2011-10 and 2012-06 just for a smooth read. If you were involved in translating/editing these, please tell me if you have any issues with that. I would only be changing file names and will not alter or take credit for your work. Thank you, I think you all did a fantastic job.

And finally, I wanted to test out polls on this blog, so here we go. What do you think about the new chapter coming out in a few days? I’ll need another two weeks to properly catch up.

…And this poll is now completely invalid due to the chapter’s cancellation!