What short notice! Ume just posted on both her blog and Twitter that Hidamari Sketch will not be appearing in this month’s 2012-08 issue due to “various circumstances”. Apparently, the cover of the magazine could not be edited in time (it still advertises Hidamari), meaning this was indeed a very sudden, last-minute change. A few Japanese posts speculate this might be due to launch of the new Kirara Magica magazine, but commenters are glad she is taking a break for her mental health. She mentioned being rather sick back in April, I don’t know how related that is but let’s hope she stays in good health!

Kirara Carat’s webpage apologizes for the inconvenience and states that Hidamari will be on the cover of issue 2012-09.

The last time the manga skipped an issue was 2011-12, which was announced several weeks in advance. Though the reason was never officially stated, it was most likely related to the release of Kirara Carino/Mado no Mukougawa.

Stay tuned for 2012-04, I suppose!