One more to go!

Download 2012-04 (Dropbox) – The landlady plays a board game with the tenants.


Page 1: The board game is based on Milton Bradley’s LIFE, sold in Japan under the name “Life Game”. Ume just added the “simulation” part. One of the unique changes to the Japanese version is that you begin the game as a child rather than an adult. Notice they declare the starting point in the second strip of page 4.

Page 3: “Dice game” = sugoroku, the gameplay featured in the Hidamari Sketch DS game (which has one of the worst cheating AIs in existence, by the way). After much deliberation, I left that one word of Nazuna’s card untranslated to highlight how ridiculous it is, and the fact that she actually wants to hear someone do that…?

Page 4: If you didn’t remember the name, “Masa no Yu” is the same bathhouse featured several times in the series (S1EP10, S2EP05, and volume 5).

Page 5: Hey, doesn’t that definition of “freeter” ring a bell? Considering Sae’s line in the first panel of page 3, it’s pretty obvious who they were thinking of!

Since there’s no 2012-08 anymore, the batch will come soon after 2012-05. I’m just going back through chapters and finding more ways to make the translation sound better and less wordy, then I promise you’ll have a final release for once!