Inside were not only the  four volumes of guest anthology comics, but also the past years’ worth of Kirara Carat issues! (Excluding 2012-07 and 2012-06 which I already have/am waiting for from a different seller, respectively.)

There were a few reasons I bought these. For one thing, I’ve really enjoyed the past year of chapters, and not just because I translated most of them. I get raws for my translations from Share, but they do not include the Yamabuki Lounge Notebook entries and caption contests. Not to mention the color pages look much nicer in the magazine itself. The saturation and hues are slightly off in the Share scans for whatever reason.

By the way, I just discovered that even in an issue where Hidamari is not printed (2011-12), Yamabuki Lounge Notebook still is. Though I’ll have to decide the format to present them in, I will translate the caption contests eventually.

Regarding the anthologies, I know someone is hard at work scanning them, so I will be able to translate those if needed. Not every chapter interests me, though, so I may only do them based on personal interest or popular demand.

The downside is that all this cost me a grand total of 16,329 yen (including proxy fees and ¥9,600 for shipping alone). A bit steep for my tastes…

In other news, 2012-05 is coming along fine, it’s just requiring a bit more effort than the average chapter. At the same time, I’m still making small changes to past chapters. I know I haven’t written a new article in a while, but I do have a few planned out. Thanks for everything!