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Download 2012-05 (Dropbox) – Snow falls at Hidamari Apartments.


Page 2: This must be my first “lost in translation” strip, but I tried. The poem is a tanka, with syllables in the pattern of 5-7-5-7-7.  I used its most common English translation, which unfortunately does not preserve the syllable count. “Nari” by itself is essentially untranslatable, it kind of makes up the “what […] myself” part.

Miyako’s poem is also a tanka. It literally translates as “The non-stop sounds / from the bottom of my stomach / a growling voice / I kind of want to eat / A huge inari.” The word for “sounds” here is also pronounced nari. I translated the poem in a way to match both the old style and count in syllables.

Page 4: In the title of the strip, the numbers before the star refer to the syllable count of a haiku. Adding two lines of 7 syllables each turns a haiku into a tanka, which is what Miyako does here. She’s making a joke on Nori’s name by describing her as “norinori” (excited/pumped up/high spirits).

I’ll leave this up for a few days for anyone to catch errors while I’m finishing making edits to previous chapters. Then you’ll get your one ZIP full of everything!