Japanese volumes of Hidamari Sketch (and most other manga) are printed with a dust jacket. Underneath it, you’ll find “Yamabuki Sketch”, short comics exclusive to the volume featuring only the teachers. The inside flaps are home to descriptions of Ume that are pretty much nonsense, but also “Hamidashi [out-of-bounds] Sketch” –  full-body illustrations of minor characters. The landlady, the principal, Arisawa (with her diploma), Mashiko, and Ikezawa have all gotten one.

Because of how English manga is printed, these pages are literally lost in translation. The stories included with volumes 5 and 6 weren’t touched by any fan translators, so…

Edit: Actually volume 5’s was already translated and I had no idea about it, but here’s mine anyway.


Download Yamabuki Sketch volumes 5 and 6 (Dropbox)

Edit @ 1:50PM GMT: Fixed a minor misinterpretation. Mashiko should be saying “…Well, what’s something you don’t hate about her?”

I wonder, did gyuudon-sensei / Beef Bowl Teacher come from Miyako’s cow comment to her in one of the earlier volumes?