Edit: It now seems that there’s a torrent! Thanks to whoever made it!

I… wasn’t expecting something so beautiful and so complete…! If you have Share, go get it! If you don’t, Googling “share p2p” should fetch you some tutorials to set it up. Perfect Dark should also have it.

File name: [BDMV] [120725] ひだまりスケッチ Blu-ray Disc Box <完全生産限定版> (png).rar

SHA1 hash: e51ffdc98c16c0522de2de6955e01bbe8b263961

ID: katy@twLovt2M0e0J

Size: 1,242,169,254 (1.2GB)

Because of the size, I can’t really mirror it anywhere, even if I converted them to JPGs. The booklet itself contains:

  • The list of all episodes in chronological order
  • Biographies of all characters
  • A few images showing off each Hidamari tenant’s room
  • A timeline of every event in the franchise, such as album/volume release dates, season announcements, etc.
  • A gallery of Yoshiaki Ito’s illustrations for magazine articles. There’s one of Nori and Nazuna I haven’t seen before.
  • A new group interview with Ume Aoki, Akiyuki Shinbo, and Yoshiaki Ito. It looks really good, I’m putting it on my list! Here, I’ll translate the box at the end of it.

We asked the Hidamari Sketch Executives!!

Q1. Who’s your favorite character?

Aoki: I can’t choose! Because I’m like a parent of sorts to them, they’re all so cute to me.

Shinbo: I’m with Ume-sensei, I can’t pick one either!

Ito: In the anime, it’s probably Sae. I like Chika and Sae’s relationship.

Q2. What’s your favorite Hidamari tune?

Aoki: “Shinmiri” from the next episode previews! Tu~ruruttutututu~♪

Shinbo: “Shinmiri” for me, too.

Ito: Definitely “Sketch Switch”. That goes into my hall of fame.

Q3. Which episode left the best impression on you?

Aoki: Probably the first season’s final episode, when Sae’s sister Chika is introduced. I remember checking its script through Houbunsha…

Shinbo: When Hiro and Sae have a fight on Tanabata. Something like that is good once in a while.

Ito: All of the episodes where Chika appears. I love the scene where Sae pats Chika’s head while she’s sleeping.

Also, a note to those who haven’t been following my raw folder from the beginning: When I return to college later this month I will not be able to download from Share, it’ll start giving me port errors I can’t do anything about. I’m aware of Raw Hunters but I don’t like their advertising tactics (inflating file sizes and throttling download speeds? Seriously?) not to mention they’re usually a few days late.

If you know your way around Share, in this case that’s simply setting a trigger, please e-mail/link me to the .ZIPs of new chapters as soon as they become available. They all follow the same naming scheme, so check the raw folder for examples. To avoid fakes, set the max size to 5MB. Otherwise you might download weird sound files or executables by mistake.