Hosted by Broadcasting Club President Toudou, Yamabuki Lounge Notebook is the Hidamari fan corner that runs in nearly every issue of Kirara Carat. Every month fans submit letters, fanart, and caption contest entries. Toudou comments on whatever gets published. The fan letters are generally uninteresting, but I translated a few. I have scanned these pages in low quality (not unbound or anything) if you want to see the originals: Mediafire/Dropbox

The “post-recording” caption contest selects a panel from the previous issue’s chapter for readers to replace the dialogue. The translator before me left off at this 2011-05 panel published as issue 2011-06’s sample outtake:


I’ve been reading Hidamari this whole time, yet this is the first time I’ve seen Hiro-san showing so much weakness or Sae acting so boyis–… cool. That one chapter left a big impression on me. It was a great story to better understand the bond they share!

The weakness Hiro-san shows is perhaps one that everyone has.

Last month, Hiro-san took on the leading role! I think future plans make everyone feel gloomy, but to hang onto your dreams and pursue them is something to envy! I’ll be anxious about the story from now on.

I have a dream. That alone keeps me shining every day!

Yoshinoya-sensei’s words last month were very impressive. She really is a good teacher! You can feel the love she stirs about for both art and her students!

Her conversation with Kuwahara-sensei after Hiro left was also impressive.

Caption contest winner:

I don’t think you can fake anything using glasses.

Sample panel:


It was great that Nazuna was able to learn how to cook. When sampling the fried chicken, Nori-san and Sae-san hit their limit… but Miyako-san was fine and dandy. I wonder how much she’s able to eat.

……….No limit.

At times like these, you just can’t keep up with Miyako-san.


You mustn’t! Hiro-san, calm down!!


(Like Sae and Nori last month) In my solitary life, while having  no one to talk to in the middle of the night, I enjoy staying up late. Then I sleep in.

The midnight chit-chat did have somewhat of a unique air to it.

Sae-san and Norisuke. That was a rare combination. I was satisfied to see the cute side of Nori getting frightened by her nightmare, and also how she talked honestly to her sempai. However, I’m worried if Hiro-san and Natsume-san will get jealous next time…

You could see many different sides of Nori-san!

Yuno-san, you’re fine just the way you are!


(On last month’s issue) Sae-san took off her glasses! I thought, “We’ll finally see her true face!” but was met with disappointment… You can’t see it at that angle. But surely, someday… I’ll be waiting!!

I received a considerable amount of letters this month saying the same thing!!



[The original sound effect was bocchan, which shares the pronunciation with a word for “son”.]

Seems like they do have them.

[This is a reference to the legend of Urashima Tarou.]


A surprisingly calm straight man… Yuno-san, you’ve sure grown up.


(On similarity to Arisawa-san) This year I’m a college student too! Because it’s my first time living independently, I could really relate to Arisawa-san. “I felt I needed to do something so we could keep in touch, even as our lives change”… needing to study every month, and so on… Well, I’ll try phoning a friend from home.

I should also call a friend I haven’t seen in a while. ♪

A Yunocchi love story!? …or maybe not… When they entered the shop, it was more obvious than ever!! Come to think of it, Yunocchi’s not wearing her Xs on the first page. Somehow, it feels like we haven’t seen that in a long time…

You’d need to be brave to go to that shop alone!

Nori-san… That’s definitely a lie…


[What else other than the red string of fate?]

What gave you that idea?

Well, that was fun. I also own issues 2012-04 to 2012-09 so expect those later. I even found some scans of the first few published. I’m trying to buy Kirara Carat every month now… as long as I can afford it.