Oh good, this came out earlier than I expected.

Click for example of hi-res

File name: [BDMV] [120822] ひだまりスケッチ×365 Blu-ray Disc Box <完全生産限定版> (png).rar

SHA1 hash: e93633512a7f7ab65b689adb43055e5064bf36ee

ID: katy@twKAR0X80i0l

Size: 1,302,081,196 (1.2GB)

Once again, too big to mirror, so wait for someone to upload it in torrent form. Also, this does not include the storyboard set exclusive to the TV shopping special. Edit: Thanks, it’s here! Er, is someone keeping my 1st-person comments intact just typical for nyaa, or…

As if my translation backlog wasn’t long enough, the booklet included with this box adds four new interviews to the mix!

  • Interview with Kana Asumi (Yuno), Kaori Mizuhashi (Miyako), Ryoko Shintani (Sae), and Yuko Goto (Hiro)
  • Interview with Hitomi Harada (Nori) and Chiaki Omigawa (Nazuna)
  • Drawings and messages left by anime staff and seiyuu, including those of minor characters
  • Interview with Junichiro Tanaka (TBS Producer), Yuma Takahashi (Aniplex Advertising Producer, this was the guy in the TV shopping commercial), and Ryutaro Usukara (Lantis PR)
  • Hidamari Radio interview with Kana Asumi and radio director Hiroshi Osada
  • “Hidamari Glossary”, a list of terms (Chikurin, Embarrassment-Reducing Cushion) and places (DaDa Mart, Sekaiya) that appeared throughout the series, as well as meta phrases (Yes! Asumis, Hidamari King)

I can definitely say I’ll work on the glossary and Nori/Nazuna interview. The interview with the original four seiyuu is brand new, but there’s also an older one with them in the TV Animation Guidebook. The interview with the advertising producers might be interesting. However, I’m going to have to sit the radio interview out for now, as I’m very unfamiliar with the program (additionally, I am not good enough with spoken Japanese to just go listen to them all) and it might get too confusing to translate.