In one of my earlier posts I talked about how chapters printed in the magazine aren’t entirely identical to ones sold in volumes. There are often small changes. Here are my discoveries from comparing many pages side-by-side to their magazine counterparts, if available.  For the record, the only magazine raws I have for volumes 1 and 2 are color pages only, so I don’t even have complete chapters.

Did you know? The Minky Momo yukata was originally pink unlike in the anime.

I’m sure this list isn’t complete, be sure to comment if you noticed something else! I know the anime has its fair share of animation errors, but let’s focus on the manga’s art instead. Here we go!

V1P108: Sae’s glasses are gone.

V2P076 and 2011-11: The sports festival team colors are inconsistent. The anime shows it better:

Arts A – Red
Arts B – White
Gen Ed A – Yellow
Gen Ed B – Green
Gen Ed C – Blue
Gen Ed D – Pink

But then, the following year in the story…

Something’s not right here! Maybe it was changed because Ume was just itching to make that Italy joke. But actually, the scoreboard’s order would still make sense if the gen ed classes were labeled from C to F instead.

V3P102: This is the most extensive edit of all. Yuno is wearing a dark-colored long-sleeved shirt at the beginning of this chapter. But in the magazine printing, this slipped Ume’s mind halfway through, resulting in her wearing a white shirt for the remaining pages. A total of 28 panels had to be modified!

Unfortunately, I only have the magazine scans of three other volume 3 chapters and didn’t notice any edits within them.

V4P064: The classroom sign was lengthened from “Art” to “Art Department” in the volume printing. The anime’s sign uses the longer version. You’ll also notice the white outline surrounding the black text is slightly different. I’m not going to post every single one, but there are often small changes to speech bubble colors and screentones to improve the contrast when printed in monochrome. For example, there were originally many red speech bubbles containing white text with no outline. Most of them simply turned into white bubbles with black text.

V4P068/S3EP03a: Ume forgets Hiro is left-handed. Try stirring something with your non-dominant hand, it will probably feel awkward. This error was kept in the TV airing’s animation and was fixed for Blu-ray. It remained uncorrected in manga volume 4.

V4P081: The magazine printing left out Nori’s line about her eyesight. It was added in the volume and spoken in the anime.

V4P093: Ume accidentally drew Nazuna wearing an art department ribbon, but fixed it later.

V5P030: The volume artwork zooms in further in two panels showing Nori’s Skype window.

V5P055: Not only is everyone no longer hanging out in a blank void, but Miyako and Yuno’s faces were redrawn to look… happier?

V5P068: A sound effect was added to one panel.

V5P088: Nazuna’s door was added to the background.

V5P100: Nori’s clothing suddenly changes to something darker for one panel.

V5P106: A sound effect with sparkles was added.

V5P107: More detail was added to the checkout.

V6P009: The backgrounds of two panels were redrawn.

V6P019: Good, I was thinking we were looking at the site of a burglary for a second. (And by that I mean the empty painting frames were filled in.)

V6P020: Everyone admires blank canvases once more. And to think they’re in a modern art museum. I know Ume said she doesn’t like to cut corners, but this really takes the cake… Also, on the next page, the shading on Yoshinoya’s clothing was not at all present in the magazine printing.

V6P026: Sound effect and speed lines added.

V6P056: More attention drawn to the tea stalk.

V6P060: Sae and Hiro were mere silhouettes in the magazine.

V6P061: Background perspective changed and text added to a sign.

V6P063: The top two panels had sound effects and background detail added, respectively.

V6P074: Apparently, Ume made Yuno and Miyako redo their projects.

V6P103: And again! But just Miyako’s this time. The volume version is used when Miyako’s cover reappears in 2012-02.

V6P112: No matter how you look at it, there’s no way this September calendar has 30 days.