Hope you’re all enjoying Honeycomb! Sorry it took so long, but this should hold you over for the next few days.

Download 2012-11v2 (Dropbox) – Nazuna models for a photograph in the season where schools are trying to impress prospective students the most.

v2 on 10/21: It turns out I misunderstood what Sae was saying about her college choice. She’s wondering if her hensachi score will meet the expectations of whatever college she’s looking at. A hensachi is a single number computed from a student’s exam scores, with below 40 being poor, 40-60 being typical, and above 60 being excellent. A college’s standards are marked by a range of these numbers, so higher numbers mean it is harder to get into.

Many special thanks this time!

  • Those who sent me the raws!!
  • Anon who suggested color adjustments to tone down the Share raw’s over-saturation, which was especially noticeable in this chapter. (Just look at it!) Though not a perfect match, this release is now much closer to the less intense colors seen in the actual magazine. I’ll try to do this from now on.
  • tricky-treat for suggesting a great font to use on page 5!


Page 2: Some Japanese students like to express their individuality by altering their uniforms, but not making big enough changes to be breaking school rules. Boys may let their pants sag or leave their shirt buttons undone, while girls might shorten their skirt or apply patches to their uniform.

Page 3: Miyako’s line to Hiro could be interpreted as “Hiro-san, aren’t those heavy?” or “Hiro-san, aren’t you heavy?” Tried to make it as vague in English.

Page 4: 30,000 yen is $383 USD at the moment. Or to Miyako, 187 meals.

Page 5: There was a untranslatable typography effect here. When Sae and Hiro are speaking in unison, the Japanese text splits into two columns at the end to show both their slightly different speech patterns at once. Sae uses a more assertive ending to her sentence than Hiro, which is typical for her. The Japanese text was also drop-shadowed, by the way.

Volume 7 plans

Its release date is December 19th. Once I get the volume raws, I’ll translate the book jacket, Yamabuki Sketch, prologue chapter, and any other new material. I know many of you enjoyed the volume artwork comparison post (it was really fun to put together), so expect one for volume 7 as well.