Special thanks to the raw submitter.

A lot more color adjustments were necessary this time around to match what I was seeing from photographs. I received my copy of 2012-11 not that long ago and the adjustments I made last time came pretty close, although the uniforms are actually a bolder red. Now I think I’ve solved the problem by editing the color channels, particularly the one for red.

Edit: 11/17: Now I have the magazine and the colors are still slightly different. Hiro’s hair definitely has more orange to it in the magazine. Still, anything’s better than Share’s color balance.

Download 2012-12 (Dropbox) – Hiro and Sae return from their first round of exams.


Page 2: Oh, Japanese onomatopoeia. It was a sound effect for rotation.

Page 5: Looks like this is a girl from Hiro’s class we’ve never seen before. She doesn’t use an honorific. I wasn’t able to dig up a concrete explanation for the superstition associated with chikuwa, but it seems that it just comes from being able to see right through the hole as if it were a telescope? Also, the reason why Hiro’s bento has sakura denbu in it is because “sakurasaku” is an expression for “exam success”.

As for my previous translation train wrecks, I’m trying to figure out what to do with them. I’m now noticing suspect lines in other chapters, too… hmm, what to do…