Note: This is the magazine version of this chapter. The version printed in volume 7 has extra strips and other changes.

This chapter is SFX-heavy, make sure you read them because several jokes depend on them.


Download 2013-01v2 (Dropbox) – Sae and Hiro get their college entrance exam results.

Thanks again to those who sent me the raws! I’ll be able to grab them myself for 2013-02 but probably not after that for while.


Page 2: Ama Art University is likely a parody of Tama Art University. Interestingly, this is the first time this name has come up in the manga, so this is yet another occasion something was revealed in the anime first. By the way, S4EP06b showed that her second choice was Musashino Art University (though Hidamari’s version changes the kanji 美 to 芸). This is the university Ume attended to study design informatics. The school was credited at the beginning of the fanbook interview.

Page 3: The “alternate” in Hiro’s result is also used in the word for “substitute player” in Japanese.

Page 4: “Domiso’s” isn’t a typo, it’s Ume’s way of obscuring the Domino’s trademark. Previously she’s used others like “Calpin” and “511“.

And for the record, the gap underneath Hiro’s ear in the MOGUMOGU panel on the last page wasn’t an accidental erasure by me or the raw provider. It appears to be an oddity in the artwork or printing itself.