This chapter begins volume 8. In other words, there is plenty more Hidamari to come.


Download 2013-02 (Dropbox) – Miyako proposes a night of no sleeping at Hidamari.

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Page 1: Apologies for the terrible pun, but it’s because Miyako confused kantetsu (all-nighter) with kankitsu (citrus).

Sae refers to someone named Aya among a group of people (アヤたち).  Not written the same way as her pen name, mind you (but an amusing coincidence nonetheless). Nothing can be certain until we witness someone calling her by name, but Aya is probably one of Sae and Hiro’s three recurring classmates. I left my speculation under the cut if you’re interested in reading it.

Page 4: Nori was using words like gurafikku, intaafeisu, etc.

Other stuff:

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– The biggest volume 7 vs. magazine difference lies in its final chapter (2013-01). You can only imagine my surprise when I flipped the page while making the comparison list, only to discover that the chapter now opens with an all-new strip, with the magazine’s first 4koma moved to page 2. Another new strip was inserted on what is now page 3. One strip’s title was changed. Additionally, more tones were added to the artwork throughout the chapter, suggesting that Ume was having trouble meeting the deadline and submitted the chapter incomplete for its magazine printing. Basically, it’s different enough that it needs a separate release.

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First of all, it is clear “Aya and the others” are people Sae and Hiro know; the text seemed to come from Aya at least. There’s only one established group of girls we know both Sae and Hiro associate with: Girls A, B, and C. It is safe to assume that Sae is referring to these three girls, because there’s very little reason for Ume to introduce a new, named character out of nowhere at this time without showing her face. With all that said, I am confident that Aya is the name of the girl with the hairband, otherwise known as Girl A.


She’s definitely the most energetic of the three. In fact, she has more lines of dialogue than the other two girls combined. From what we’ve seen of her, it wouldn’t be out of character at all for her to do something “adventurous” like staying up all night, which was probably her idea. It just makes sense that someone like her would get her name revealed first because she’s relatively outstanding.

By the way, at about 0:21:20 into the second installment of Hidamari Radio x Honeycomb, one of the fan mails asked for the names of the three girls. The hosts only knew them as A, B, and C, and said that’s a question to ask Ume herself. Could this be her response?

Edit: The red-haired girl was later named in the graduation chapter! But the identity of Aya remained unconfirmed.