Six years late, but better late than never, right? When volume 2 first came out, a limited edition version was also distributed that included a 2007 calendar. The limited edition volume itself can be distinguished by gold rather than red lettering on its spine.

At the end of of the calendar, Ume comments on each picture she drew. Let’s see what she had to say.


To go along with New Year’s, here’s Yuno wearing a kimono. I tried giving her kimono a grown-up kind of pattern so that she didn’t look too much like a child. Even when wearing clothes like these, she doesn’t take off her X pins.


The close second-years. A friend told me, “They’re like a middle-aged couple.” (laugh) The chocolate is slightly bitter and was handmade by Hiro. Afterwards, Miya-chan found and gobbled up the leftovers.


Let’s light the paper lanterns…
This kind of pose is definitely impossible while wearing a real ceremonial kimono, huh…
This is a simple one (Yoshinoya’s own). It took a long time to outline and color~


April is all about cherry blossoms! I love colorful cherry blossoms, I love cherry blossoms at night, I loooove flower viewing. ☆
I don’t often draw characters from head to toe, so it was fresh and fun to draw.


The landlady and Saekko. The tsurimes. Sae’s easy to tease, so she’ll get picked on often. By the way, when the landlady gets drunk, she’ll pick on anyone. Sure enough, a drawing with a layer that “pops out” looks flashy.


Hiro in the rainy season. At first I wondered if I made her more wet then I could see under her shirt… but, I felt that would get indecent, so I let the thought go.


Summer! Sky! Sea! And physical beauty!!
That’s what I was thinking, but I might have gone too far…? (sweat)
Wait, what kind of situation is this…? (laugh)
Is she at a nudist beach???
It was fun drawing the sky~


A scene of everyone gathered in Yuno’s room during summer vacation.
What on earth is that melted bunny plush on top of the dresser…?
The round thing next to it is even more unidentifiable… (sweat)
The things I draw are so simple…


The first-years viewing the moon. The moon is amazing, isn’t it? I love the full moon, half moon, and crescent moon. I wish I had the time and tranquility to just gaze up at the moon like I did in the old days.


Autumn is for reading, so here’s Saekko. The background is Sae’s favorite 400-character manuscript paper. She prefers writing by hand. Sae has liked reading books since she was little, so that’s why she wears glasses. Her eyesight is pretty bad.


“When I look at it in November, the drawing should appear warm.”
I drew with that theme in mind. More than in summer, it’s hard to get out of my futon on winter mornings. I just want to sleep cozily forever…


The final month is naturally the four of them in the first snow.
I tried to give them Christmas colors but failed. But I was satisfied by drawing Yuno. So happy! (^^*)