As you may have heard, according to Ume herself this chapter was published unfinished and will be “continued” next issue (2013-04). Like what happened to 2013-01, you’ll notice one of the signs of an incomplete chapter is the lack of tones and shading on black and white pages. In the magazine itself, several Japanese readers commented that the placement of advertisements after the chapter was odd. Usually, Yamabuki Lounge follows each chapter immediately or after one page of ads, but this time, there are three whole pages of ads between the chapter’s end and Yamabuki Lounge.



Download 2013-03 (Dropbox) – More relaxing days at Hidamari after Sae and Hiro’s entrance exam results.

A few changes to the typesetting this time: color pages now use brownish-gray text instead of black (improving contrast, thanks tricky-treat!) and the anti-aliasing has been set to “crisp” rather than “smooth”. Also, my copy came earlier than expected, so you’ll see the pages color-adjusted as close as I could figure out how to get them. It’s very difficult to match Yuno’s hair color, though. Still, even though it’s not 100% accurate to the magazine colors, it’s better than the near-fluorescent pages Share has been churning out lately.


Page 1: Probably coincidental, but a few readers thought Nazuna’s drawing resembled Kiccoro and Morizo

Page 3: Shabu shabu. The wordplay in the left strip was Nori telling them to lit. “spread their wings”.

Page 5:  Nori suggests a 復習 (“review”, pronounced fukushuu). Yuno replies with “Revenge!” because a homophone of fukushuu is 復讐, which means exactly that. The left strip is referencing superstitions about eating foods with positive puns in them around exam time (recall Hiro’s pork cutlet lunches in 2012-12). Unfortunately for Sae, takoyaki isn’t really associated with one.

Edit: They’re transparent! Now go have some fun!noritemplate

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Anyone else notice that Natsume’s 4 most recent appearances have had exactly 6 chapters between them? (2011-04, 2011-11, 2012-07, 2013-03). Makes me wonder how far Ume plans in advance. Come to think of it, we haven’t seen Yoshinoya in over a year! Excluding volume 7’s Yamabuki Sketch (and the cover of course), she last appeared in 2012-02!

If I had to guess, I would say the missing page(s) this chapter was/were intended to be between pages 4 and 5 and/or between the two strips on page 5. Sae and Hiro being “gone” for only three panels doesn’t feel consistent with the pacing of normal chapters.