The day draws near. It is almost time to say farewell to not just Sae and Hiro, but to the other members of Yamabuki High’s senior class.

In the manga

The most recent chapter that came out on February 28th is 2013-04. The raws don’t seem to be out yet, which is a bit worrying. It’s the shortest chapter ever at only 3 pages long, but the closing line of text contains an important announcement: “Next time, Sae and Hiro’s long-awaited graduation ceremony.” So, assuming no sudden cancellations, we can expect issue 2013-05 (on sale March 28th) to depict their graduation. Contrary to my expectations, Kirara Carat’s 2013-05 issue will have a “Kill Me Baby” cover and it isn’t specified whether Hidamari will have color pages or not. Oh well.

EDIT 3/27: There was indeed a cancellation. Graduation is now expected to be in the 2013-06 issue, on sale April 27th.

In the anime

EDIT 3/8: PV now online.

On March 3rd, a promo video was shown at the full-scale Hidamari event, Chou Hidamatsuri in Nippon Budokan. While no animated footage was shown in the video (primarily a text and audio teaser, apparently), it revealed a new Hidamari animation project. Here is the information we do and don’t have:

  • Sae and Hiro’s graduation will be animated.
  • Some, if not all lines of dialogue have been recorded already.
  • The exact format of this animation (be it a set of specials like xSP, an OVA, or something else) is unknown.
  • The release date is unknown.
  • The coverage of manga chapters is unknown (ex. if parts of the “exam arc” will be animated or not). UPDATE: 2012-12 and 2013-01 confirmed from PV. The scene of Sae opening the wrong envelope is from the volume 7 version of 2013-01.

The reaction to this promo video was very emotional! Weeping abound. One of Yuno’s lines made the Hidamari King, among others, burst into tears. Also, you might want to check out Ryoko Shintani’s blog entry!

But please, please keep in mind: Nothing has indicated that Sae and Hiro’s graduation will be the end of the series.

Every iteration of the anime has run the risk of being “the last”, but the manga source material is a different story. While this event will surely mark an emotional turning point in the manga, that does not mean it coincides with the series’s end. Right now, the manga is following volume 4’s example very closely by having volume 8’s first few chapters finish up the current school year. This was very obviously planned in advance, and we can assume the remainder of volume 8 will be dedicated to Yuno and Miyako’s senior year. If 2013-06 is the final chapter of the manga, volume 8 would be less than 30 pages long. That’s just ridiculous and simply can’t happen.

You may also wish to consider how going through this experience is relevant to Yuno’s growing up. She is the main character, after all. The speculation that the series will end with Yuno and Miyako’s graduation is much more reasonable in my opinion.

Now, let me prepare some tissues.