The latest buzz among the domestic Hidamari fanbase is a certain real estate listing (snapshot mirror) for an apartment in Kumamoto. Built in March 1984, it provides a quiet living environment ideal for college students. The monthly rent is 23,000 yen and the water bill is fixed at 2000 yen per month.

Of course, this wouldn’t be news if it weren’t for its floor plans that eerily resemble those of the Hidamari Apartments we know so well. Oh, and the fact that they share the exact same name. Yes, both our Hidamari Apartments and this apartment are called Hidamari-sou (ひだまり荘).

Coincidence, or...

Nearly identical to what we’re familiar with, but note the position of the door relative to the toilet. In our Hidamari, the toilet is only accessible by going through the washroom first.

Sure, there are differences, especially regarding the exterior (ex. the roof’s pitch and presence of a side window). It’s also a bit smaller because its large Western-style room is 6 tatami mats (9.24 m2 or ~100 sq.ft.) while our Hidamari’s is around 8 (12.24 m2 or ~132 sq.ft.). This style of apartment isn’t exactly uncommon in Japan, but having the same name, what are the odds?

Still, this is an impressive find! Could this be the “holy land” Hidamari fans have long sought…?