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Tokyo Round 1 Answers

001. Who is currently living in room 102 of Hidamari Apartments?
A. Yuno
B. Miyako
C. Hiro
D. Sae

002. Who is the youngest out of the following?
A. Yuno
B. Hiro
C. Misato
D. Chika

003. Masa no Yu is the bath house that Yuno and her friends often visit. What is depicted on the wall of the bath?
A. Mt. Fuji
B. Seven Lucky Gods
C. Bamboo grove
D. Koi

004. At present [September 2010], how many volumes of the Hidamari Sketch manga have been published?
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7

005. In season 3 of the anime, Yuno and her friends do radio exercises every morning. At first it was just Yuno, then the others joined in one-by-one. Who was last to join?
A. Hiro
B. Sae
C. Nori
D. Nazuna

006. Who is Yuno’s voice actress in the anime?
A. Kana Asumi
B. Kaori Mizuhashi
C. Yuko Goto
D. Ryoko Shintani

007. When Yuno and her friends made a new sign for Hidamari Apartments, who painted the り (ri)?
A. Yuno
B. Miyako
C. Hiro
D. Sae

008. Yuno saw the “Yamabuki Jizou” in the bamboo grove. There’s a rumor among some students that if you pray to this statue, you will be blessed with something. And that is?
A. You will become rich
B. Your love will be fulfilled
C. You will acquire good taste in art
D. Your breasts will grow bigger

009. In the sports festival scavenger hunt, what did Yuno have to search for?
A. Dog
B. Glasses
C. Lunch box
D. Jersey from a third year student

010. At the park Yuno and her classmates went to, there was a stone said to make you skilled in art if you hit it with a rock. Also used in the anime episode’s title, that stone’s name is?
A. The Angry Woman
B. The Depressed Woman
C. The Weeping Woman
D. The Shrieking Woman

011. In season 1 episode 3 of the anime, Yuno was caught in a trap left by Misato. What was the color of its activation cord?
A. Purple
B. Blue
C. Yellow
D. Red

012. In season 3 episode 4 of the anime, Yuno and the others started a garden. What did they plant?
A. Tomatoes
B. Eggplants
C. Cucumbers
D. Bell peppers

013. Who is Misato’s voice actress in the anime?
A. Ami Koshimizu
B. Marina Inoue
C. Ryoko Shiraishi
D. Mai Nakahara

014. Who is depicted on the front cover of volume 1 of the manga?
A. Yuno
B. Yuno and Miyako
C. Yuno, Miyako, Sae, and Hiro
D. Yuno and Ume-sensei

015. Which of the following is the same size as a volume of the Hidamari Sketch manga?
A. Hidamari Sketchbook
B. Hidamari Sketch Anthology Comics
C. Hidamari Sketch Light Novel
D. Manga Time Kirara Carat

016. Sae’s classmate Natsume is currently in what third-year class at Yamabuki High?
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D

017. Berry Mart, the convenience store close to Hidamari Apartments, closes at what time?
A. 7:00
B. 7:30
C. 8:00
D. 8:30

018. What did Miyako exclaim upon seeing the principal at the Yamabuki High entrance ceremony?
A. “Where are his eyes!!?”
B. “What a long face!!!”
C. “He’s shaking!!?”
D. “Whoa, his mustache!!!”

019. Yamabuki High’s second year students have an elective course. Which did Miyako choose?
A. Solids
B. Planes
C. Information
D. Ornaments

020. There was a rare instance of a two-page spread in the chapter where Yuno sneaks off to the school roof. This was compiled into which volume?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

021. What is the name of the sheep character Nazuna likes?
A. Sleepy Ramool
B. Good Night Ramool
C. Dreaming Ramool
D. Sound Asleep Ramool

022. In season 1 episode 7 of the anime, Miyako won fish in a raffle. In the end, they were handed over to the landlady. What kind of fish were they?
A. Sardine
B. Chub mackerel
C. Saury
D. Japanese horse mackerel

023. At the time Yuno was a first year in the anime, room 203 was a storehouse for what?
A. The landlady’s random junk
B. Yuno and Miyako’s art and painting materials
C. Hiro’s diet exercise equipment
D. Yoshinoya’s costumes

024. In season 2 of the anime, which of the following episodes comes last in chronological order?
A. “Sakura Sakura”
B. “Congrats, Chika”
C. “Welcome Home, Ume-sensei”
D. “Polaroidon”

025. Who was Kuwahara’s voice actress in season 3 of the anime?
A. Eriko Kigawa
B. Natsuko Kuwatani
C. Naoko Suzuki
D. Mana Hirata

026. Who is the voice actress of Yoshinoya’s former student, Kishi?
A. Tomoe Hanba
B. Michiko Neya
C. Sayaka Ohara
D. Eriko Kigawa

027. In the anime’s show within a show “Fashionable Detective Lovely Chocolat”, who played the voice of Chocolat?
A. Misato Fukuen
B. Saori Goto
C. Miyuki Sawashiro
D. Chiwa Saito

028. According to the descriptions on the inside covers of the manga volumes, what is Ume Aoki’s main ingredient?
A. Sara udon
B. Fried rice noodles
C. Mabo harusame
D. Zhajiangmian

029. Who wrote the Hidamari Sketch light novels?
A. Shinkuro Bando
B. Hiro Akizuki
C. Chabo Higurashi
D. Yusuke Saito

030. Who is the character in charge of the reader submission corner for Hidamari Sketch in Manga Time Kirara Carat?
A. Arisawa
B. Toudou
C. Ikezawa
D. Minaguchi

*031. In the scene where Miyako is eating rice within the opening for season 1 episodes 1-12, what is written on the paper behind her?
A. 白米万歳
B. 御飯大好
C. 焼肉定食
D. 一日一膳

[“One day, one bowl.” It’s a common, but mistaken way of writing 一日一善 “one good deed a day”. If I remember correctly the mistaken version also appeared in the principal’s office in one episode.]

032. Ryoki Kamitsubo was a main staff member in season 1 of the anime. What was his role in season 1?
A. Series director
B. Chief director
C. Chief production
D. Production director

033. Who was the sound director of the anime throughout seasons 1-3?
A. Yota Tsuruoka
B. Masafumi Mima
C. Toshiki Kameyama
D. Jun Watanabe

034. When Yuno was a first year in the manga, which gen ed team won the sports festival overall?
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D

*035. After receiving a bicycle from a friend, Yuno and the others went to a river to practice riding. What was it called?
A. 桃花川
B. 藤夏川
C. 東香川
D. 冬鹿川

[All can be pronounced “Toukagawa”.]

036. When Yuno and her friends went to the pool, their swimsuits were different between the manga and anime. Who was not wearing a two-piece during season 1 special 1?
A. Yuno
B. Miyako
C. Hiro
D. Sae

037. Yuno and the others went to a karaoke box in season 1 episode 4. Which of the following songs did Miyako sing?
A. Cold Rain
B. Hopes and Dreams
C. Kirari Hikari
D. A Single Key

038. “Teeny” was the mascot of what theme park Yuno and the others went to during their summer break?
A. Teeny Land
B. Teeny Teeny Land
C. Teen Land
D. Destiny Land

[Haha, Teen Land? I can’t even imagine…]

039. In season 1 special 2, Ume Aoki played a role other than herself. Which role?
A. TV news anchor
B. Hiro’s friend
C. Male student
D. Art teacher

*040. The editor of the magazine that publishes Sae’s stories first appeared in the anime’s second season. What is her name?
A. 直井
B. 直伊
C. 直囲
D. 直居

[All can be read as “Naoi”.]

041. When did Yuno move into Hidamari Apartments in the anime?
A. April 2nd
B. April 3rd
C. April 4th
D. April 5th

042. In the anime, there was a scene where the Hidamari Apartments explode the moment Yuno turns off her alarm clock. This was in which episode?
A. “Put Her Back Where She Was”
B. “Is Love in the Air?”
C. “Polaroidon”
D. “Anywhere by Bicycle”

043. Throughout seasons 1-3 of the anime, there were a total of 3 episode titles that used the names of vegetables. Which of the following vegetables was never used?
A. Cabbage
B. Tomato
C. Eggplant
D. Carrot

[Even though they grew tomatoes, they never did appear in a title.]

044. On the anime’s title screens, something associated with that episode’s time of year is shown. What was shown on the title screen for “May 27th”?
A. Samurai helmet
B. Japanese iris
C. Carp streamer
D. Kashiwa mochi

045. Out of the following anime episode titles, which is the earliest in chronological order?
A. “Because the Cup is Small”
B. “Hiroemon”
C. “Gagagaga”
D. “The Wolf of Shinjuku Back Streets, Part II”

046. Out of the following anime episodes, which did not take place in August?
A. “Put Her Back Where She Was”
B. “Cool and Comfy”
C. “Japan’s Summer”
D. “No Summer Vacation”

047. Throughout seasons 1-3 of the anime, how many times was “Hidamari” used in an episode title?
A. 2 times
B. 3 times
C. 4 times
D. 5 times

[Both were in Hoshimittsu. “Welcome to Hidamari Apartments” and “Hidamari Palette”.]

048. Who is the voice actress of Yuno’s classmate Mami in the anime?
A. Eriko Kigawa
B. Kana Katayama
C. Misato Fukuen
D. Miyuki Sawashiro

049. Miyako’s parents’ home is in Fukuoka Prefecture. Which of the following Hidamari Sketch voice actresses was born there?
A. Kana Asumi
B. Kaori Mizuhashi
C. Yuko Goto
D. Ryoko Shintani

050. The limited edition version of season 2’s DVD volume 1 included an exclusive drama CD. In the story it depicted, “Yamabuki Sentai Hidamarin”, who did Yuno transform into?
A. HidaOrange
B. HidaBlue
C. HidaYellow
D. HidaPink

051. The limited edition version of season 2’s DVD volume 4 included an exclusive drama CD. Which of the following was the title of the story that took place on March 26th?
A. Arichika
B. Sayochika
C. Gochichika
D. Gomechika

[The episode title translated as “Congrats, Chika” is おめちか, a mashing of “omedetou” and Chika’s name. All of these options are similar in nature. A stands for “Thanks, Chika”, B stands for “Goodbye, Chika”, D stands for “Sorry, Chika” and I’m guessing C is supposed to be “Thanks for the Meal, Chika”?]

052. This question was also asked in the anime’s DVD/BD audio commentaries. In season 3 episode 3’s last scene, Yuno wonders what you’re able to do once you become an adult. What is something that means you’re an adult once you’re able to do it?
A. Become able to apologize directly to someone
B. Find your job
C. Become able to decide your own path to follow
D. Become able to drink espresso

053. In season 1 of the anime (including specials) who appeared the most times as a guest in the audio commentaries?
A. Miyu Matsuki
B. Cho
C. Miyuki Sawashiro
D. Ume Aoki

054. In which episode did Rie Kugamiya, the voice of Chika, make her first appearance in the DVD audio commentaries?
A. “Goodbye, Ume-sensei”
B. “Sakura Sakura”
C. “Congrats, Chika”
D. “School Entrance Ceremony and Welcoming Party”

055. On the date of “Hidamari Days” on the fandisc “Mousugu! Hidamari Sketch x 365”, it was a certain voice actress’s birthday. Whose?
A. Ryoko Shintani (Sae)
B. Misato Fukuen (Natsume)
C. Hitomi Harada (Nori)
D. Cho (Principal)

056. Other than the four residents of Hidamari Apartments, who of the following was invited to “Mieru Hidamari Radio x Mousugu Hoshimittsu” on the “Mousugu! Hidamari Sketch x Hoshimittsu” fandisc?
A. Yoshinoya
B. Principal
C. Chika
D. Natsume

057. The anime’s season 2 production director was Tatsuya Oishi. He was the sole storyboarder and producer for which episode?
A. “Nice to Meet You, Ume-tentei!”
B. “Congrats, Chika”
C. “Don’t Look”
D. “Welcome Home, Ume-sensei”

058. When Yuno and Miyako were first years, what was the name of their math teacher?
A. Koizumi
B. Abe
C. Fukuda
D. Aso

[I love this question. If I had made my own Hidamari quiz this would definitely be on it. It really shows you have to know every line of dialogue in the series to do well in this competition. The answer is given on V1P051 when Yoshinoya substitutes for Yuno’s math class. Poor Abe is never mentioned again.]

059. Upon finding out that the magazine her story was published in sold out, Sae unintentionally told the cashier, “You can keep the change,” when buying a reference book. In the manga, what banknote did she hand over?
A. 1000 yen
B. 2000 yen
C. 5000 yen
D. 10,000 yen

[I can understand the increments of the options but D is uh, really pushing it!]

060. What was the name of the art museum Yuno and her friends visited after their post-exam break?
A. Choukokunomori Art Museum
B. Choukokunohara Art Museum
C. Choukokunoike Art Museum
D. Choukokunoto Art Museum

[The museum in real life is called Choukokunomori, but Hidamari’s parody uses a different name.]

061. What was the title of the manga strip where Mashiko made his first appearance?
A. “Pretty Serious”
B. “CaO + H2O”
C. “Being Watched?”
D. “Seventh Period”

062. In the manga, there are two strips that share the title “Flying Body Attack”. In which volume were both of these strips compiled?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

[In Japanese they’re slightly different, one of the two used a separator mark (・). But they’re the exact same in the official English releases, so I went with that. The manga has over 1,300 strips to date so some titles do get reused. The most recent one I noticed was 台無し in volume 7, first used in volume 1. Both strips involved Miyako.]

063. What middle school did Chika attend in the anime?
A. Kamizawa Middle School
B. Hayazawa Middle School
C. Takazawa Middle School
D. Maezawa Middle School

[This question really surprised me, I wasn’t aware it was named! It’s written out clearly in Ume’s design notes for her in the Animation Guidebook, but I can’t recall where it was in the anime. If you look very closely at the embroidered patch on Chika’s uniform, there’s a big M with “Maezawa” written in roman characters underneath. So the answer is kind of hidden in plain sight!]

064. At the beginning of season 2 episode 12, a picture of a familiar Hidamari Sketch character was shown on the bread Yuno was eating. What was it?
A. Ume-sensei
B. Brutus
C. Chikurin
D. Polaroidon

065. How long did it take the bicycle boy on the TV program to arrive at his destination?
A. About 10 days
B. About 15 days
C. About 20 days
D. About 1 month

066. When Yuno was a first year in the anime, which of the following dates was a school holiday?
A. May 27th
B. June 8th
C. October 12th
D. November 27th

*067. In the DVD of season 2 episode 9 part B, an opening was included that wasn’t in the TV broadcast. In that opening, what character is written on the hanging scroll in the scene where Miyako eats?
A. 鯔
B. 鰊
C. 鰰
D. 鯵

068. In the anime’s countdown lead-in, which was the first episode to have Ume count “One”?
A. Season 1 episode 8
B. Season 1 special 1
C. Season 2 episode 2
D. Season 2 episode 4

069. Endcards are displayed at the end of the anime. In season 1, who drew the only one featuring the principal?
A. Kami Imai
B. Nemigi Toto
C. Negi Banno
D. Mako Aboshi

070. What was the first issue in which Nori and Nazuna were drawn on the front cover of Manga Time Kirara Carat?
A. April 2009
B. July 2009
C. October 2009
D. January 2010

[It certainly took them a while.]

071. The order of the Hidamari Radio series’s titles is which of the following?
A. Hidamari Radio → Hidamari Radio x 365 → Hidamari Radio x ☆☆☆
B. Hidamari Radio → Hidamari Radio Z → Hidamari Radio GT
C. Hidamari Radio → Hidamari Radio R → Hidamari Radio S
D. Hidamari Radio → Hidamari Radio Reloaded → Hidamari Radio Revolutions

[Talk about a giveaway question…]

072. Who of the following appears in every installment of Hidamari Radio?
A. Ume Aoki
B. Kana Asumi
C. Yuma Takahashi
D. Kamajii

073. In Hidamari Radio x 365 #11, in how many seconds does Kana Asumi draw Yuno?
A. 6 seconds
B. 16 seconds
C. 26 seconds
D. 36 seconds

074. “Hidamari Sketch-chan” is what kind of segment?
A. Words submitted by listeners are turned into a play and acted out
B. Jokes submitted by listeners are put together and made into a 4koma manga
C. Kana Asumi uses a guest as a model and draws them
D. The guest talks about their imagined “Hidamari Sketch-chan”

075. Who is “Sueyuu”?
A. Kaori Mizuhashi
B. Ryoko Shintani
C. Yuko Goto
D. Miyu Matsuki

[This is taken from alternate kanji readings of her given name.]

076. Which of the following Hidamari Radio x ☆☆☆ update photographs depicts a food and a plant?
A. #1, where Kaori Mizuhashi (Miyako) was a guest
B. #2, where Kana Asumi (Yuno) was alone
C. #3, where Kaori Mizuhashi (Miyako), Ryoko Shintani (Hiro), and Yuko Goto (Hiro) were guests
D. #4, where Hitomi Harada (Nori) and Chiaki Omigawa (Nazuna) were guests

[Referring to the photos on the official radio website. The big hint in this one is that Nori’s name sounds like the edible seaweed and Nazuna shares her name with a plant.]

077. According to Hidamari Radio x 365 #6 and #12, buying a copy of “Hidamari Radio x 365 ~Yes! Asumis!!~” or a copy of volume 4 of the Hidamari Sketch manga will both have the same effect. What is it?
A. Ume-sensei’s height will increase 0.1mm
B. Lantis will gain 1 employee
C. 10 clean, safe Hidamari Radio listeners will be born
D. The probability that the next Hidamari Sketch anime episode will be made will rise to 100%

078. Who was the first-ever guest on Hidamari Radio?
A. Kaori Mizuhashi
B. Ryoko Shintani
C. Yuko Goto
D. Miyu Matsuki

079. What is “Hidamari Chaos Sketch”?
A. The title of a sequel to the Hidamari Sketch anime
B. The title of a drawing of all Hidamari Apartment residents that Kana Asumi drew
C. The title of the opening theme to Hidamari Radio x ☆☆☆
D. The title of a drawing of Hidamari Apartment Residents, Free Spirits, and 10 People

080. In Hidamari Radio x 365 #10, Tatsuya Kikuchi of marble imitated which person?
A. Publicity producer Yuma Takahashi
B. Director Akiyuki Shinbo
C. Character designer Yoshiaki Ito
D. Music composer Tomoki Kikuya

081. Who noticed that the background music used during the “Hidamari Residents”, “Hidamari Free Spirits”, and “Hidamari’s 10 People” segments is the same as the background music from the Famicom game “Ninja Hattori-kun”?
A. Kaori Mizuhashi
B. Ryoko Shintani
C. Yuko Goto
D. Miyu Matsuki

082. In Hidamari Radio x 365 #1’s ending, what were the lyrics to the song that Cho suddenly started singing?
A. 僕は君のことが好きでたまらない (boku wa kimi no koto ga suki de tamaranai)
B. 人生はねずみのようなもの (jinsei wa nezumi no you na mono)
C. ゴミ収集車、ゴミ収集車、グッバイ (gomi shuushuusha, gomi shuushuusha, gubbai)
D. 隣のホームで多くの痴漢が捕まっている (tonari no hoomu de ooku no chikan ga tsukamatte iru)

083. In Hidamarble Radio as well as Hidamari Radio Special Edition, which of the following was never heard in the phrase “Lantis Presents Weekend ______”?
A. Wonder
B. Friday
C. Discovery
D. Wednesday

084. Upon the ending of “Umesu on the Roof” in Hidamari Radio x 365 #2, what did Kana Asumi blurt out that Ume didn’t want her to say?
A. Ume didn’t get a wink of sleep the previous night
B. Ume participated in choosing the jokes
C. Ume was reading more energetically at the rehearsal
D. Before the segment began Ume wrote “person” on the palm of her hand

[D is referencing the Japanese superstition that writing 人 on your hand and swallowing it will make you less nervous in front of an audience.]

085. In Hidamari Radio #3, when the question “What if everyone’s name is actually their family name?” was asked, which of the following was not thought of as a suitable family name for a character?
A. Yuno
B. Miyamasuzaka
C. Saegusa
D. Hirota

086. Where was the first-ever Hidamatsuri event held?
A. Nogizaka
B. Shibuya
C. Nakano
D. Shinjuku

087. How many times was the theme song “Sketch Switch” sung at Chou Hidamatsuri?
A. 2 times
B. 3 times
C. 4 times
D. 5 times

088. Chou Hidamatsuri Z was held in 2009 on what date?
A. April 4th
B. April 5th
C. May 4th
D. May 5th

089. At “Hidamari Night”, the event held in the Shinjuku Loft Plus One, what were the very first things Miyu Matsuki asked for on stage?
A. Chinese fried rice and cola
B. Yakisoba and oolong tea
C. Omurice and orange juice
D. Curry rice and cola

090. The final song sung at the event at the event “Chou☆Hidamatsuri — 2-4 Hour TV –” was “Sketch Switch x Hoshimittsu”. Its hook was repeated 5 times. Who sung during the 4th repeat?
A. Miyu Matsuki, micco, Cho, Ume Aoki
B. Kana Asumi, Kaori Mizuhashi, Chiaki Omigawa
C. Ryoko Shintani, Yuko Goto, Hitomi Harada
D. The event’s audience

091. Who is the composer of Hidamari Sketch’s background music?
A. Tatsurou Kikuchi
B. Tatsuya Kikuchi
C. Tomoya Kikuya
D. Tomoki Kikuya

092. The opening lyrics to the Hidamari Sketch anime theme “Sketch Switch” are?
A. あのあのどんな色が (ano ano donna iro ga // What kind of color is “now”?)
B. 昨日のアイディアは (kinou no aidia // The idea I had yesterday)
C. 本日晴天なりっ (honjitsu seiten nari // Today’s weather will be nice)
D. もしもしパンで消して (moshi moshi pan de keshite // Did you perhaps have your bread eraser)

093. What is the title of the B-song included on the Hidamari Sketch x Hoshimittsu opening theme “Dekiru Kanatte Hoshimittsu” CD?
A. Durari
B. Hidamarippoi Kazoe Uta
C. Sukatora Dream
D. Dareka ga Matteru

094. Who of the following sang a song in the “HidaChara” image song collection?
A. Principal
B. Landlady
C. Natsume
D. Ume-sensei

[Many fans are still wondering why Natsume still hasn’t gotten a character song after all this time, even with her dramatically increased presence in x 365…]

095. In the second verse of the Hidamari Sketch x Hoshimittsu opening “Dekiru Kanatte Hoshimittsu”, who sings “下書きまんぞく” (shitagaki manzoku // I liked my sketch)?
A. Sae
B. Yuno
C. Hiro’s friend
D. Miyako

[What’s with C??]

096. What is the title of Nori’s character song that was bundled with Hidamari Sketch x Hoshimittsu DVDs and Blu-rays?
A. Kono Heya de Mata
B. Kokoro Antenna
C. white days
D. Kokoro no Oku, Ienai Kotoba

097. How many Hidamari Sketch-related CDs have been released [as of September 2010]? Do not include CDs bundled with DVDs and Blu-ray Discs.
A. 23
B. 25
C. 27
D. 29

098. Among the Hidamari Sketch x 365 character songs, what is the title of the B-song the principal sang in Vol.6?
A. Principal in B Major, “Four Seasons”
B. Principal in B-flat Major, “Four Seasons”
C. Principal in B Minor, “Four Seasons”
D. Principal in C Minor, “Four Seasons”

099. Fill in the blank for the lyrics to Yuno’s character song “Hanamaru Sketch” that was bundled with a Hidamari Sketch x Hoshimittsu DVD/BD: 春夏秋冬 季節の香り添えて 「     」 描いてにっこり♪ (junkashuutou kisetsu no kaori soete _____ kaite nikkori)
A. いろんな色彩 (ironna shikisai)
B. よりどりみどりで (yoridorimidori de)
C. みどりが彩る (midori ga irodoru)
D. 彩りよりどり (irodori yoridori)

100. What does the cat say in the Hidamari Sketch x 365 drama CD story “March 18~19: A Cat Forgets Its Owner’s Gratitude in 3 Days”?
A. Unaa~
B. Umya~
C. Funya~
D. Goronya~

The official website reported statistics on each round. For this one:

Highest score: 89

Mean score: 56.6