Sorry about the delay. As you may have heard, raws ran over three weeks late this month and there wasn’t anything I could do about that. I don’t know how reliable they’ll be from now on, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Ume apologized for the reduced number of pages this chapter. Also, Kirara Carat seems to have changed its fonts this issue. The opening/ending taglines now use a bolder font and no longer begin with “!!” and a dot, respectively. Strip titles now use a thinner font than before. I’ll be keeping mine the same, though.


Download 2013-04 (Dropbox) – Senior projects at Yamabuki High.


Page 2: Oh Ume, you tease. Sae and Hiro’s last names are written on that name card, not that they’re legible at all. Hiro’s family name looks to be 2 characters long, but Sae’s could possibly be 3. This isn’t even the first time Ume has done something like this, remember Yuno’s unfinished artwork?

Also, I’m surprised no one guessed that person. A little sad!

The next chapter will be released on April 27th! I’ll be keeping the spoilers page updated as usual, assuming I can handle what I’ll be seeing. Remember that because of timezones, information actually starts coming out on the 26th (Friday) for those of you in North and South America. There aren’t many cases of people getting Carat a day or two early that I know of, but that could happen too.