Edit 1: Now confirmed by a photograph of the issue’s table of contents. There’s also an apology for the presence of a Hidamari advertisement on the cover that couldn’t be changed in time.

Several 2ch users are reporting that Hidamari does not appear in the 2013-05 issue of Kirara Carat. (source)

Oh no. I had a feeling this would happen. (Or maybe I jinxed it, sorry!) Hidamari not being advertised in the next issue preview was indeed unusual and previously that’s been a sign of skipped issues. Also, that announcement at the end of last chapter was safely worded in a way — it said “next time” (as in “next chapter”) as opposed to “next month” or “next issue”.

You know, I’m actually kind of glad there’s a break now because that means Ume has time to polish the graduation chapter and first publish it the way it was intended.

Edit 2: Ume updated her blog and apologized for the inconvenience, citing her difficulty in getting her physical condition and work pace back on track since the beginning of the year. Most importantly, she said she talked with her editor and says next chapter will have “all pages”! I’m not sure if that means 6 or 8 pages at this point in time, but it’s good news!

Edit 3: Kirara Carat webpage updated. Next month’s cover will be GA.

…Now I’m upset I paid for EMS shipping for an issue with no Hidamari…