Good news, a new chapter of Hidamari is printed in the latest Kirara Carat (2013-08) that came out yesterday in Japan. I have updated the spoilers page as usual with a short summary. I look forward to reading it! Let’s hope the raw provider is timely this month.

However, this also comes with some bad news. The end of that chapter announces that Hidamari is taking a break next issue and will resume in the 2013-10 issue that goes on sale August 28th. Hang in there, Ume!

By the way, today I made the unfortunate discovery that the RSS feed for this blog now updates itself whenever I edit a post, no matter how old it is. Because I like to keep even the older articles up-to-date, the excess notifications could get annoying fast. With only a free account here I can’t do anything to change it. So, I’ve prepared an alternative means of keeping up with the site in the form of a Twitter account: @asagichou. Feel free to follow it, and you are welcome to contact me through it too.