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Cleaners are too expensive!

Download 2013-08 (Dropbox) – Sae and Hiro clean up their rooms at Hidamari Apartments in preparation for their move-out.


Page 2:  A few things to say here:

  • Hiro’s room is Western-style (i.e. a “normal” room), just like all the rooms in Hidamari Apartments. Sae’s Japanese-style room is 6 tatami mats in size (9m2 or 100ft2).
  • “Hinata”, like “Hidamari”, means “a place in the sun”. The owner’s name is given in kanji but as the building name it’s stylized in hiragana just like Hidamari: ひなたハイツ
  • Ah yes, we’ve all heard about Japanese toilets. For something that’s installed in over 70% of Japanese households I wonder why Sae was so surprised…?

Page 3:

  • A “rice cup” is 180ml, not to be confused with the imperial cup unit (equivalent to 236ml).
  • Again, tatami is a measure of Japanese room size. Miyako marks her dream apartment as LDK, an abbreviation used in Japanese real estate to signify a property has a living, dining, and kitchen area.

Page 6: In case you needed a reminder, “four years ago” refers to the time when Misato and Riri were second years and the apartments were at full capacity, according the Landlady when Nori and Nazuna were about to move in (it was only “three years ago” then).

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