Something weird happened with volume 7, and no one said anything about it beforehand. The last chapter that’s compiled in volume 7 is issue 2013-01, which was published in Kirara Carat only three weeks before the volume was released. I was ready to finish my list of the differences between the magazine and volume versions of each chapter (…which you haven’t seen yet because of those raws) when I flipped the page to start comparing the last chapter. I saw the first panel and thought, “Wow, Ume redrew an entire panel? She’s never done that before, what was wrong with the other one?” But when I looked closer, I realized I wasn’t even looking at the same first page anymore. It was entirely new content, minus the big opening panel.


This is without a doubt the biggest difference between Hidamari’s magazine and volume printings so far. What’s really strange is that when 2013-01 was published, there was no indication that parts of the chapter were missing.

The differences between the two editions of the chapter are as follows:

  • Two new strips were inserted in the first half of the chapter. As a result, some strips got bumped to the next page to make room for them.
  • The artwork has been polished and characters now have appropriate shading on their clothes and hair.
  • The screen tones on a few speech bubbles were altered.
  • The left strip on page 6 was renamed “Modestly”. It was titled “Observation” in the magazine printing. No idea why Ume changed it.

Obviously, changes this big call for me to re-release the new version. I edited my previous translation too. It sounds a lot better now.

Download v7ch17 (Dropbox) – The exam results.

Download 2013-01v2 (Dropbox) – Magazine version.

Notes (basically the same as before)

Page 2: Ama Art University is likely a parody of Tama Art University. Interestingly, S4EP06b named the college before this chapter was originally published. Hiro’s second choice that was shown in that episode, Musashino Art University (though Hidamari’s version changes the kanji 美 to 芸), is never mentioned in the manga. It happens to be the university Ume attended to study design informatics.

Page 3: Of course it had to be her fourth choice.

Page 4: The “alternate” in Hiro’s result is also used in the word for “substitute player” in Japanese.

Page 5: “Domiso’s” isn’t a typo, it’s Ume’s way of obscuring the Domino’s trademark. Previously she’s used others like “Calpin” and “511“.

Personally, I think the magazine version feels more suspenseful without the second new strip. When volume 8 rolls around in 2014 or so, it’s likely we will see more volume-original content in this year’s chapters where Ume missed her deadline.