Long overdue. You see, volumes 1-6 have had nice, clean raws anonymously uploaded onto Share. Unfortunately, volume 7 was not as lucky.  The raw that’s there is clearly not the work of the uploader(s) of previous volumes. Although volume 7’s uploader did take the time to debind it, they basically slapped each page onto their scanner and left it that way. What resulted was a subpar quality raw with a lot of dust, JPEG artifacts, and unstraightened pages. I waited to see if something better would pop up on the network, but it seems that’s not going to happen. So, I finally put Photoshop to work.

Ikezawa and Tetsuya

Anyway! I thought the prologue was really sweet. There’s a new character introduced in Yamabuki Sketch, too!

Download Volume 7 Yamabuki Sketch + Prologue (Dropbox) – Ikezawa’s marriage woes / Nori and Nazuna’s pillow talk.

In other news, someone has been uploading translations of the anthology comics here. Thanks for all your hard work!

Also, don’t forget to wish Ume-tentei a happy birthday!