A while ago on eBay someone listed a set of 30 photocopies of Hoshimittsu settei (animator’s reference drawings). Normally I would have ignored it but one of the samples caught my eye. I thought $1 each was a little pricey for mere photocopies on plain white paper, but then again, the price wasn’t completely outrageous like most Hidamari listings there. I felt it was worth it just for this one sheet, so I decided to go for it. I’ve never seen the original article but this does appear to be legitimate.


It’s pretty similar to the height comparison chart found in the Honeycomb Production Note, minus Mashiko (poor Mashiko). In fact, the art used for everyone but the Hidamari residents is the same. The labeled scale this one has is invaluable. Previously, the only confirmation we’ve had of characters’ heights was a chart that comes from season 1’s Hidamari Sketch Settei Collection Volume 1.

Here are my estimates for everyone’s heights based on this chart. Ones in bold have been confirmed through the aforementioned source. Please note that this chart disregards how the characters are shown posing in their stock art and instead resizes the artwork appropriately. For example, Hiro is clearly not standing up straight but she is still scaled to the 155cm mark. Basically, ignore the poses and focus where the top of their head lines up, that’s their intended height.

Principal: 151cm (~4’11.5″)

Yoshinoya: 158cm (~5’2″)

Natsume: 162cm (~5’4″)

Nori: 157cm (~5’2″)

Nazuna: 152cm (~5’0″)

Yuno: 144cm (well, 144.3~5) (~4’9″)

Miyako: 165cm (~5’5″)

Hiro: 155cm (~5’1″)

Sae: 167cm (~5’6″)

Chika: 153cm (~5’0″)

Landlady: 174cm (~5’8.5″)

Mami (not pictured): 155cm (~5’1″), according to page 229 of the Honeycomb Production Note.

The photocopy appears to have some distortion that’s especially noticeable near the Principal. I consulted the Honeycomb chart  (it does a better job indicating where Nazuna’s height is measured from) which makes it clearer that Chika > Nazuna > Principal. Granted, Chika or Nazuna could have grown between the two seasons, but I don’t think SHAFT takes that stuff into account.

Things definitely get a little fuzzy around the 150cm mark, so let me know if you have any better estimates.