We finally have more information on SHAFT’s next Hidamari project! A new PV was released but sadly the official uploads cannot be viewed outside of Japan. Fortunately, someone has kindly provided a Dailymotion mirror. (Edit: It’s now on Nico too.)

The BD/DVD release date is November 27th. It will be a two-episode OVA (like xSP). Episode 1 is “February 1~20: Exam Sketch” and episode 2 is “February 28~March 1: Graduation Sketch”. According to Amazon the total runtime is 50 minutes, meaning they aren’t extended episodes like some have hoped. Limited edition discs will include a drama CD, case, booklet, and audio commentary. It is currently unknown when the episodes will pre-air on TV. Edit: Turns out they will not air on TBS until after the BD is released.

By the way, this is just a minor detail but the new PV has the closeup I wanted of Sae and Hiro’s yearbooks. Sae’s was signed by Mitsuya (“I think you have nice glasses”), Tayama, Minori, Kiritani, Nonokichi, Mariko, and one illegible name (**mori?). Hiro’s was signed by Kiritani, Nono, Kiri, Yokko, Mochi, Yuki, and Yumina (“Hiro, marry me!”). So keep these names in mind if you want to become the next Hidamari King.