Thanks to Miyabro for the color pages. The remainder are from the public raws.


Download 2013-10 (Dropbox) – The Hidamari residents admire cherry blossoms.

I guess Ume still couldn’t finish the artwork on time, as evidenced by the lack of shading on anyone’s clothes.


Page 1: Strangely, there was no opening note at the beginning this time.

Page 2: It’s been a while since we’ve seen these bikes, huh? Yuno is walking with the bike everyone decided to share (the basket is metal and it was blue in the original color pages, yellow in the anime) and Nazuna is walking with the one she rode to Hidamari with (the basket is solid, but its color was never specified in the manga). It’s great to see Ume’s consistency here!

Page 4: This was a tricky line because Japanese gets away better with this kind of wording than English. Sae implies there was at least one other upperclassman living at Hidamari the same time Misato was there. Obviously, anime viewers can tell this is alluding to Riri, but unlike Misato, there have never been any direct references to Riri throughout the entire manga so far.

I should also mention just in case: there’s a rumor that there won’t be a chapter this coming September 28th. This is supported by Hidamari’s absence in the next issue preview (a red flag as of late). If it’s true, that means the next chapter won’t be until issue 2013-12 on October 28th. Edit 9/27: It’s true and the hiatus will be longer than one month. Hidamari is planned to resume in issue 2014-01 on November 28th.