Sorry about the delay, I was looking forward to working on this all last month then suddenly got a ton of work dumped on me. Also, I have no idea whose raws these are, but they’re nice!


Download 2014-01 (Dropbox) – Sae and Hiro’s move-out day.


Page 3: It’s okay, Nori. You weren’t the only one who tried entering “Hinata Heights” into Google Streetview.

Page 5: Key money in Japan has some interesting history behind it. The landlady we know so well is one of many modern-day rental property owners who are skipping key money in hopes of attracting more tenants.

Some other news:

– I hope everyone enjoyed the graduation OVA! It’s too bad there wasn’t enough room for the Nazuna modeling chapter or Sae and Hiro’s senior projects. That flashback took me completely by surprise. I had just been talking to someone about how Sae and Hiro’s first meeting was something I’ve always wanted to see, but I was worried that the manga ran out of opportunities to show it. I’m glad SHAFT finally showed us the truth about that day! As for that landlady origin story we still haven’t gotten… well…

– Next month’s issue, 2014-02, will be Kirara Carat’s 100th issue (there are more Hidamari chapters than this because it started serialization before Carat graduated from a “special edition” to an independent magazine). A Hidamari chapter is already confirmed! The cover artwork will be a collaboration between Aoki Ume, Satoko Kiyuzuki, and Kuroda BB.

– The official English translation of volume 7 comes out December 17th. Buy it! It’s surely better than mine. I’ve made a lot of mistakes but I was able to enjoy learning from them, so my greatest thanks to everyone who helped.

– I’m in the process of re-organizing the download folders and making better archives. A line was corrected in 2013-06 and a typo was fixed in 2013-08.

– Starting mid-January I’m going to be staying in Japan for a few months! This probably won’t affect my ability to release. I kind of want to try going to those Hidamari fan meetups (very curious about the “Natsume fans only” ones). I hope there’s going to be an event for Hidamari’s 10th anniversary. If you’re also over there, let me know if you want to arrange something.