The official English translation for volume 7 is on sale now! It’s a solid translation with no major issues, so please pick it up to support the series if you can. While it was speculated for a time that its high $17 price point meant that the color pages were going to be restored, this is sadly not the case. It’s the same as the Japanese release minus the jacket and Yamabuki Sketch. Here are some things I noticed.

As usual, strip titles are sometimes changed on a whim, but they don’t matter much.

P003: I don’t recall if previous volumes had it but this translation uses “Nazu” in place of Nori’s exasperated なずなぁ. This nickname is exclusive to this translation; Nori never calls Nazuna “Nazu” in Japanese.

P011: Error. Sae is supposed to say “While I was sleeping” (the pronoun is already there in Japanese) but they thought it was a continuation of Hiro’s bubble and changed it to “While she was sleeping.” Admittedly this panel is a little confusing because of how it was drawn (maybe they changed it on purpose for this reason?), but you can still tell it’s not Hiro saying this because the line doesn’t match her regular speech pattern (the sentence ended with the particle さ that Sae often uses in her more assertive style of speech). The anime confirms it’s Sae’s line.

P018: Surprised they didn’t put a translation note for Gestaltzerfall in the back. Some of the culture references in this volume, like Yuno’s kei car, simply get smoothed over in the translation and are not pointed out specifically.

P022: Error. Missed reference to Miyako’s talk die from volume 4. They call it a “conversation topic game” here.

P038: Judo localized to boxing.

P045: “Arisawa-san seems much easier to relate to somehow…” Hmm. I still think Yuno is saying Arisawa seems familiar. When you come across an art student who lives alone and enjoys eating the same fish and rice every day, who else comes to mind but Miyako?

P056: Nori’s class play originally changed the Montagues’ name into a cow pun. This translation has the Capulets raising capybaras. Now that illustration at the end of the next chapter showing Nori in a cow suit seems out of place.

P064: Okay, the one thing that utterly baffles me about the official English translations is how inconsistent the landlady’s “name” is. Over the course of seven volumes she’s been Owner, Landlady-san, Manager, now Ms. Landlady. What on earth?

P068: Freeter → Freelancer was to be expected, but I honestly think there was a subtle joke here. Sae said to write down careers that everyone would likely eventually have. And the landlady is already, well…

P070: Rewrite. Miyako says the coat looks like a kaburimono on Yuno, which literally means “something worn on the head” but is commonly used to refer to things like crazy party hats (think horse masks). But in this translation, Miyako likens Yuno to No-Face of Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away. What makes this hilarious is that they added a translator’s note for their own joke. Considering that the number of times the Hidamari manga blatantly references other works can be counted on one hand, this sudden movie reference is unnecessary and clashes with Ume’s usual self-contained style of humor. Surely if they wanted to rewrite this joke they could have thought of other ways to describe Yuno’s appearance?

Also, the poems are left entirely in romanized Japanese. This strip is just really untranslatable as a whole, so I can kind of see why they’d have no choice.

P080: So last volume, they had the characters state they live in Tokyo when it was nowhere in the original dialogue. Now, when Tokyo is actually mentioned, they remove it! Huh? Technically, they’re being consistent with their “Asagi Street, Midori City (somewhere in Tokyo)” setting. Although, it really is a wonder why they’d choose to be consistent with this and not with the Landlady as I pointed out above.

P083: Without the context, I hope no one takes this as meaning Natsume is so weirdly obsessed with pumpkins that she daydreams about them.

P094: The daruma joke is difficult due to lack of subject, but I think what they have here is right. When I translated this I misinterpreted the joke entirely. I saw how Ume drew Nori and the daruma so close to each other in the third panel and thought that she was trying to make the reader draw a comparison between their eyes.

P098: Error. They assumed Miyako is the speaker in the third panel, but she’s actually not. The original dialogue said Yuno-san, not Yunocchi. Judging by the style of speech, it is almost certainly Nori’s bubble.

P114: The name of Hiro’s college was translated as Ama Art Academy. I really don’t know why they’d do this when Ama Art University is the most straightforward translation and likely its intended parody. Maybe they wanted to make an easy acronym (AAA) out of it?

P117: Error. They forgot to erase the う before overlaying the text. Oops!

In general, I thought the translation was a significant improvement over previous volumes. The characters speak in voices that fit their personality, and there isn’t as much of that “over-explaining the punchline” phenomenon. Despite all my nitpicking I’m very pleased with this release.

Finally, I love how the haunted house was enough to warrant a warning for violence on the T rating.