Ume already made a blog post about it, but I was able to confirm it for myself this morning!

Kirara Carat isn’t a mainstream manga magazine so the only place you’re guaranteed to find it is in specialty anime and manga stores. Because of this, I went looking for an Animate store that was supposedly near the station. Sadly, after walking around for a while I still couldn’t find it. Just as I was about to give up and go home, I noticed a bookstore near the station’s bus stop. The new issue was on a shelf right there near the door! Even better, there was no shrinkwrapping (virtually all comic stores do this) so I could check it out without having to buy it.

And well, when I flipped to the table of contents I wasn’t surprised at what I saw: that now-familiar “Hidamari Sketch is on break this issue” notice. This was completely expected considering Hidamari wasn’t mentioned anywhere on Kirara Carat’s website last month or in last issue’s preview.

…So then I just left the store without buying anything.

Anyway, the official webpage updated today and Hidamari is absent from the box that announces which series are getting color pages in the next issue (2014-04, on sale February 28th). This could either mean a Hidamari chapter without color pages or no Hidamari at all. The next issue preview page was pretty barren and basically the exact same thing as the website, so it’s hard to tell what this means.

Meanwhile, I’m still making progress on typesetting 2014-02 so expect it soon. I know this release’s timing is bad, but just keep in mind 2014-02 was actually last month’s issue and there hasn’t been a new chapter since then due to this month’s break.

Finally, after that’s done I’ll post something about a very special place I visited earlier this month!