Sorry it took so long, this chapter is from December but because of the break it’s still the most recent. Thanks again to Miyabro for raws.


Download 2014-02 (Dropbox) – Yuno takes everyone’s uniforms to the dry cleaner’s.

We first learned that the girls dry clean their uniforms way back on V1P092, a scene left unadapted in the anime.


A guide to Japanese laundry symbols can be found here.

Page 2: Mashiro means “pure white”. Not to be confused with mashimaro.

Page 7: A bag of nutritional supplements like these. The ingredients were written really small but the ones that were legible were: xx g catechin, white kidney bean weight loss extract, plenty of gymnema, one serving of clove, and chitosan.

Other news:

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– Some people have already noticed I uploaded a new ZIP of all volume 7 chapters. It contains all the most recent revisions (I won’t be editing these anymore) and individual filenames the include both the correct chapter number as well as the issue date. I’ve noticed there’s people uploading chapters to MangaTraders, and that’s fine, but the chapter numbers there are still strangely off by one. I have proof of the correct numbers. If someone could re-upload my volume 7 (the one there doesn’t have the prologue attached anyway) and find where the numbers contradict themselves, that’d be greatly appreciated and prevent a lot of confusion. I’m a little too worried about messing up the upload process to do it myself.