There has to be something special about the chapter published in the month of the manga’s 10th anniversary, right?


Download 2014-04 (Dropbox) – Yuno and Miyako are out shopping for art supplies, when…

Thanks to emer @ for raws.

Supplementary notes are below the cut this time:

Page 3: Aobano Station may be a parody of Aobadai Station. The “ao” in its name means “blue”, continuing Hidamari’s theme of naming places after colors. It is also worth noting that in real life, Yokohama’s Aoba ward neighbors a ward called Midori. Sound familiar?

Page 6: Matsuri’s name (茉里) is homophonous with the word for festival, matsuri (祭). The “ta” in Miyako’s nickname for her is written the same as a common name ending for masculine names, so this isn’t too different from how she calls Nori “Norisuke”.

Two things to note about Matsuri herself:

– At the time of this writing, her color scheme is unknown. No color pages were announced for Hidamari next issue, so even if there is a chapter we’d still have no way of knowing. In the meantime, we can only hope Ume posts artwork of Matsuri to her blog or Twitter to clear things up.

– Her room number is also not confirmed at this time. Even so, it is highly likely to be 102, which we already learned the Landlady planned to rent out as a premium-rate furnished apartment thanks to Sae’s extra appliances. Edit after 2014-06: Huh, that turned out to be wrong. Interesting.

I look forward to her self-introduction, preferably with the aid of Miyako’s conversation die!