Thanks again to Miyabro for raws!


Download 2014-06 (Dropbox) – Matsuri’s welcome party.


Page 5: This marks the very first time the manga has acknowledged that Sae and Hiro were preceded by two art students. It was never implied there was anyone other than Misato until Sae referred to the former residents with a plural in 2013-10. Speaking of Sae, notice that her college remains unnamed.

Page 6: Curiously, Nori starts dropping the the -chan honorific on Matsuri on this page. She does it a second time in the second panel but because of how that line works out in English I couldn’t include it.

On a side note, I find Matsuri’s room number rather strange. Sae’s leftover appliances were the biggest hint that only one room needed to be filled, so it seemed natural that our solo new girl would choose that space. In 2013-08 the Landlady didn’t even want to think about the possibility that no one will move into Sae’s room, implying that leaving the furnished room unoccupied would cause problems (probably related to maintenance). Hidamari isn’t a mystery manga, so why the red herring? I don’t want to say it’s because Ume forgot, because it’s not like she hasn’t brought back things years after they were first mentioned. Last chapter was pretty insistent there will only be five girls this year at Hidamari, but this situation is just really suspicious to people who care too much, like me.

Also, thanks to everyone who participated in the doujinshi sale! The only thing I have left is the issue of Rakuen with Ume’s new manga in it, so let me know if you want it.