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Download 2014-08 (Dropbox) — Yuno and Miyako begin life as third-years.

I made a small clarifying revision to the first page to about 5 hours after I first posted it, so feel free to redownload if you’re a perfectionist.

Thanks to Miyabro for raws. Don’t miss the bonus at the end!


This chapter has a lot of jokes even Japanese readers found rather difficult.

Page 3: This looks like some English pun rewrite but it was the same in Japanese!

Page 4: Class 2-D, of course. The original was kind of like “niiiideeee”.

There are some noticeable artwork errors too. In page 4 panel 1, Yuno is cooking as if she were left-handed. Then, if you look at Nazuna’s hair in page 6 panel 6, it appears that Ume made a mistake while adding the screentone digitally with the bucket tool.

And is it just me or does Nakayama vanish into thin air on page 2?