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Who else but her?

Download 2014-09 (Dropbox) – Miyako calls home about her plans after high school.


Page 5: Yes, there is a glaring continuity error here. I translated it as-is but it’s definitely mistaken. It’s not Yuno’s first time at the Landlady’s house, it’s her third [V1P107, V5P010]! Yuno’s line is odd too, so you can’t blame it on the Landlady having a bad memory. Nothing implies the Landlady recently moved either (and her story is, well, not true). I expect the dialogue on this page will be corrected in the volume 8 printing.

Page 6: 090 is a common prefix for cell phone numbers in Japan. Japanese phone service companies often charge higher prices per minute for landline calls to mobile numbers, hence the Landlady’s panic.

Miyako and her family speak in thick Hakata-ben (dialect of Fukuoka). Like Nori, Miyako normally speaks in standard Japanese instead of in her local accent.

Now, about Miyako’s family: It’s never explicitly stated how many older brothers she has, but Japanese readers tend to safely assume she has two because she has previously mentioned both an “older older brother” and a “younger older brother”. Yen Press, for whatever reason, chose to translate “younger older brother” as “middle brother” (possibly meant as “middle child” but accidentally suggesting at least three brothers instead) [V5P105]. But I assure you there is only enough evidence for two brothers in the Japanese text.

So, which brother is Masa? Believe it or not, Ume gave us a hint way back in volume 3! In the Olive chapter, Miyako said her gardener “older older brother” used to cut her hair [V3P074]. If Masa is indeed that brother, that also means he was the one who sent Miyako that oversized blue winter coat. (However, in both scenes Yen Press’s translation only identifies him as older/big brother without an additional modifier.) The younger older brother, whom we know little about, is said to be the source of Miyako’s hand-me-down wardrobe, presumably because he isn’t as tall as Masa.

In other news, Hidamari was again absent from this issue’s preview page, which basically means a 50/50 chance of either a chapter without color pages or no chapter at all next month. Also, volume 8 has still not been officially announced. It still needs to fill about 30 more pages before it has enough content to be published. In addition to serialized chapters some of those pages can be filled with bonus material, but the exact amount of that we get is never known before release.

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