This is the first time in 1.5 years that three chapters have been published in a row! Can Ume keep this pace up…?

Special thanks to Miyabro for raws.


Download 2014-10 (Dropbox) – Nori and Matsuri assist Nazuna with an art assignment.

Edit 9/13: Sorry, I’m spacing out as much as Nazuna at the train station these days. Nori’s line at the top of page 4 should be “Matsuri, could you take over?” It’s fixed now.

No special notes necessary this time around. Like any high school, it seems Yamabuki’s gen ed curriculum requires students to complete at least a few art-related assignments even if it isn’t their focus (so even Nazuna was told to buy some art supplies). By the way, this is the third ever serialized chapter in which Yuno and Miyako do not appear.

No Hidamari in the preview for next issue on the 28th, so as usual, this means a B&W chapter like this one is still possible but not guaranteed.

Also, here’s another transparent template for your entertainment: