Thanks again to YuriHouse for raws.


Download 2014-12 (Dropbox only  for now because my Mediafire got hit with takedown requests) – The girls play ping pong at the local gym.


Page 1: Noboribetsu, Beppu, and Kusatsu are all real names of famous hot spring locations.

Page 2: Obviously I feel obligated to comment on Asagi showing up in the text again, for the third time ever. The last time it was mentioned was nearly four years ago in print when the fire department lent out their earthquake simulator van for a demonstration at Yamabuki High.

Page 5: Shiritori strikes again, left as-is. If it’s not clear, Nori was trying to say “gorilla” but then at the last second realizes Miyako already said it (words can’t be repeated). Also, anyone get the feeling Nori saying “cow” is a callback to the shiritori game at Destiny Land where Yuno came up with “pseudo-cow”?

Page 7: For the unfamiliar: penalty game.

Hidamari will be on the cover of next issue (on sale November 28th) and have color pages. It is speculated that volume 8 will finally be announced at this time.

…So does Miyako even live in her own room anymore? Is she not paying her bills again?!